The sun is shining! Happy Friday 🌤️
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💟 What do you want to become? 💟 For a while I became complacent with my life and went through the motions day to day. I even wondered why I wasn’t moving forward 🤷‍♀️ But how can I possibly move forward if I’m doing the same things day in and day out. At the beginning of this year, I knew his had to change to I can look back and be proud rather than regret. I equipped myself with all the things I knew would help to motivate me to move forward and become who I want to be and what I wanted in life. Those things for me were- happiness diary, writing a gratitude diary, writing my goals, daily affirmations, writing down everything I wanted to achieve no matter how “impossible” I thought it was and pushing myself when I just wanted to give up. Instead of wondering why nothing has happened and not doing anything about it, I’ve made a plan of action and done something about it. If I didn’t know how to solve something I’ve ask for advice or research it to find out. These little steps of overcoming bumps in the road are already steering me in the right direction. Remember obstacles are detours in the right direction 💜#friday #fridayvibes #gratitude #grateful #happiness #happy #positivity #positivevibes #positivequotes #lifestyle #life #soul #fitness #lifesoulfitness
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Some Me time is the best investment in long run..go slow...take time out to just do nothing..spend time with things u love,with greens,with nature,with ur cuppa & some candies & stuff too..☕️🌿🍃 #balcony #balconygarden #growplants #plants #kitchengarden #health #fitlife #happiness #happylife #fitmom #fitgirl #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #tea #greentea #gardening #herbs #herbgarden #balcony #balconygarden #gogreen #vegan #kitchengarden #beautifulhome #betterhomesandgardens#growplants #teatime #hightea #teatox #growvegetables#organic#urbanfarmingh
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ML adora talmente tanto le #tazze #nuby che oltre a berci ci gioca! In effetti i colori brillanti ed accattivanti, le fantasie a misura di #bambino e l’allegria che portano le fanno diventare compagne inseparabili. Beccuccio da mordere, cannuccia, bordo 360 gradi, beccuccio piatto... cosa scegliere? Nuby propone il giusto ausilio nel giusto momento, perchè un bambino di 6 mesi non ha le stesse esigenze e le stesse abilità di un bambino di 12 o 18. Bisogna rispettare le tappe di sviluppo in termini di alimentazione e proporre uno strumento che lo aiuti a diventare indipendente nell’alimentazione. #nubyitalia #enjoy #family #happiness #instamom #instamamme #babiesofinstagram #ig_babies #ig_baby #momlife #babymeal #babyfood #mom #mamme #mamma #baby #babies #igersitalia #instagood
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One minute he is on his knee asking me something and the next I’m wearing a ring 😱💍 A lot of our loved ones know now... but for most people that know me RACHEL JESSICA SMITH know that I always have said “I don’t want to get married or I don’t want kids” I simply enjoy living life day by day with little expectations so I can experience little disappointment in life and being the strange girl that I am, I’ve just never dreamt of this day, which has made this beautiful moment even more priceless and so unexpected. A lot of people also know Lyndon and I have a bit of a past as we dated young and boy did we break up and make up again so to our friends it was a running joke 😂 After eight years of young/stupid love we decided to split and remained a weird, close “Besty exy” friendship throughout three years of our lives. We shared so much honesty maybe a little too much some would imagine 😂 but the past nine months something happened with us... maybe we both got struck by lightening at the same time? Or maybe we just opened our eyes to what we both realised all along. Either way life is more enjoyed when you least expect things and I definitely did not expect this. Lyndon went above and beyond with the ring he personalised to suit me And I could not imagine myself saying the big FAT yes to anyone else. He has and always will be my one and only and I am one lucky girl to have this guy adore the shit out of me like he always has and will. Lyndon’s famous last words on his knee before he handcuffed me And I quote: “I’m never letting you go again”. Ok enough mooshy it’s time for him to slap this tooshy ❤️🍑👋 💍 P.s it happened last night on the beach in Da Nang so we went back to our spot again today for the hand model pics haha #engaged #lyndonandrach #webreakuptomaup
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