Today was such an amazing day I met up with a long time friend from high school @nina_soulstar. She just got her real estate license and is ready to change her life!!! It's so refreshing to meet people in the right mindset who know where they are going in life!!! I love building with people who know what they wantπŸ™πŸ’ͺ #business #feeedom #stoneasswealthy #buildingalife #iwantitbad Caro follow @edmylett he'll change your life and build you in ways you'll never imagine. @martha_veronica_loved she came along for the ride and the 3 of us had such a great time conversing. #lovemylife
@missss_que it was so awesome carching up and connecting with like minded individuals, can't wait to make more connections and create more opportunities.
@nina_soulstar you're amazing!
So awesome that you have control of time
@msspence72 @martha_veronica_loved loves that part of having her own business!!! She created her affirmations and 3/30/18 is ger fulltime date. Shes maxing out!!!
We love this sistafriends 😊
Happy Friday everyone!! Just wanted to take a moment to Express how grateful I am for all of my clients, all of your referrals and everyone who's currently following me!! You're the highlight of my life!! I love my work everyday because of all you and it keeps me inspired to do what I do!! #growingwithclients #buildingalife #lovemyjob #thankful #artisticallybeautiful
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Some workdays are hustle and grind, 11 or 13 or 15 hours at the computer without even sticking my nose outdoors. . Other workdays look like this. . Three hours this morning while the rest of the family slept. Woke at 5 so I could get my time in then, so I could have *this* now. . I’m super-clear in why I am doing what I’m doing: so I can have more of this. So I can give these two more of this (yes, if you squint, the other one is in there too, near the end of the jetty). And all of this makes the long days and early mornings πŸ’―. . What are you building? What are you willing to do, to give up, in order to get there faster? . These are the ones who get me out of bed every day. These, and you. Because I want you to have this too.πŸ’• . . . #hustlehard #hustleandflow #whatimbuilding #mywhy #mamapreneur #momtrepreneur #buildingourfuture #buildingalife #workharddontquit #financialfreedom #whatiwantforyou #livinghistory #exploring #virginia
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The state of today’s work pit! A messy desk means a productive day.....diary covered in highlighter means gold stars for me!! 🌟🌟🌟 . . . . #girlboss #workinggirl #selfemployed #nota9to5 #homeoffice #messydesk #earningthebigbucks #buildingalife #dayinthelifeofaphotographer
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My morning run My time to clear my mind My time to set intentions for the day Do you set yourself up for success everyday? #buildingalife #mymorningrun #settinggoals #settingintentions #getfit21 #mye-linlife
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#Repost @nafatarie9 (@get_repost) ・・・ Holding over 4 years’ experience from the World’s leading Corporate Financial Insurance Industry, and having established over 2 years practical experience from Chartered Accountancy and Business firms, I would like to assign some of my time in FREELY mentoring a selection of the younger generation within the community, which are passionately making their way through their career. I sympathize with the pressure on choosing GCSE’s, A levels, University degrees, whilst maintaining key skills in between your studies to STAND OUT from the rest. Indisputably, holding qualifications could still remain a question of how effectively can you express yourself on a CV or Interview? I aim to share my skills and walk through building confidence within this area. Additionally, having advanced from an entrepreneurial business family from a very young age, I hold expertise within sales and general business, hence additional advice for those young entrepreneurial spirits whom are interested in setting goals for their future business either here in the UK and/or Africa/Caribbean/ abroad. Conversely, MENTALITY is key. Coming from an angle where the road was never easy first time, however focus made a HUGE DIFFERENCE. #mentor #REGISTOR πŸ”₯*1st March 2018*πŸ”₯ #business #mindset #lifestyle #success #freedom #passion #dreams #businessowner #entrepreneurlife #leadership #coaching #inspire #ambition #wisdom @thebammarket @leeanne_w1 @lasharnchanel @lynnr198 @madamesoph @purplemossparadise #discoveryourgifts #pursueyourpurpose #unlockyourpotential #expandingthekingdom #buildingalife #godisgreati #tblf #tbt #tbthursday #socialmedia #ict #femaleentrepreneurs #mentorship
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Vestindo a boa e velha armadura de venda! #comercialnaveia #verticetelecom #boravender #buildingalife #vemcomigo
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building a house be like "we got windows, we got walls... we got walls" . . . #homeowners #buildingahouse #tothewindowtothewall #windows #walls #buildingalife #pulte #pultehomes
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