‼️Tomorrow it’s all about MEAL PREP‼️ Are you struggling to eat healthy because of your busy schedule and everyday responsibilities? I will discuss how to prepare for MEAL PREP! • Come out not just for a workout but to receive information for a healthier YOU • Kincaid School of Martial Arts 312 Orange Road Montclair, NJ 07042 • DISCOUNT OFFERS ARE AVAILABLE • (Click the link in the bio and choose anytime, I’ll make adjustments from the backend) • #summerbody #workout #fitnessgoals #gethealthy #getfit #cardio #strength #bodyweighttraining #gluteactivation #abs #hardwork #determination #nopainnogain #strongmen #strongwomen #lifting #gymbuddy #healthandwellness #journey #youcandoit #fitspiration #GenesisSquaredLife
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. DAY 4 // DAY 21 . Post Pilates CORE!! 🙌🏼 . I LOVE strengthening these muscles — so it’s no surprise I’m OBSESSED with this 10-minute extra boost of abdominal work! . To A L L my challengers - here’s a little sneak peek on how you are going to form those toned abs!! . Learn to LOVE it! Become a challenger 💪🏼 RSVP 3 || 05 || 18
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Our stylist, Amayrani, shows us that pink doesn't have to be overly girly by bringing us a look that's feminine... with an edge! Pair a sexy white sheath dress with a soft pink sweater then kick it up a notch with fuschia footwear. styleit_ayee puts the grrrr in grrrrrl! 😉🌸💗🎀💅🏻👄 xoxo, Lily #ThinkPink #Edgy
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The journey of thousand miles begins with one step. Safari ya maili moja huanza na hatua moja. @popow-products #journey #safari #onestep #move
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• G o l f i n a • Getting some vibrant blues ready!! ... ... ... #banausic #daretob #b #golfina #turtle
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{NEW :: Interview w/ a Nomaad Part 3/4} | MN: You recently look the bold leap and moved from D.C.to NY to pursue a career in comedy while working at a startup. Most people have a defining moment where they say “f*** it, I want to pursue my dreams. What was the main catalyst for your decision? What has been the most rewarding and challenging aspect of this experience so far? BS: I was working at a lobby/PR firm, the election happened, I became jaded about politics, and lost interest in my job. The work was creatively very limited and for clients that weren’t necessarily altruistic. The firm let me go, and I took a camping weekend in the woods with some buddies, listened to a lot of Tame Impala and Brockhampton and decided I really gotta chase the dream. I mean I should’ve realized this earlier because I had a meeting with the HR people at the firm, and they asked what’s my dream scenario/career. I was like “comedian/actor/writer probably.” In hindsight, not exactly the correct answer in that context. Biggest challenge was probably leaving a group of great friends and family in DC. I was also getting better opportunities in the DC stand up circuit and knew it was going to be a hard reset when I got to New York. DC has an amazing stand-up scene, and it was really tough not being able to get really acclimated into it. Working at a start-up that’s in a social impact space is rewarding, and my bosses have been really flexible and understanding about my comedy schedule. I’m keeping myself busy with the career and comedy while blowing all my money on rent, egg + cheese bagels, and attempts at hipster clothing. But, I’m definitely a lot happier than I was a year ago. {Roam to LINK in BIO for full interview} 🐘 #MillennialNomaad
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You’re alive AF, right❓Be grateful for that. You can do ANYTHING you want‼️😘
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