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So many moron FUDsters out there. XRP is an important part of the crypto revolution. Bitcoin enthusiasts need not feel threatened by XRP or its followers. There will be many coins that survive mass adoption. Only shitcoins with no use case will die. Take a deep breath and see the bigger picture. Very frustrating as a bitcoin holder and diverse participant in the market.
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World’s only cryptocurrency 100% backed by prime real estate, with strictest corporate governance Website: BIG Token Limited is the issuing company of BIG tokens – the new revolutionary crypto-currency that addresses the pitfalls of traditional crypto-currencies. Not only is BIG token backed by the most reliable asset class – land, it is also governed by the strict corporate governance structure. The company is committed to reduce the price volatility of BIG tokens and to maintain the price of the tokens to be at least 15% above the issue price, as well as adhering to strict corporate governance to protect the integrity of the tokens. In addition, BIG Token Limited is also seeking on boarding partners to join in the payment platform, educate the public on the benefits of BIG tokens and to encourage more retailers to accept BIG tokens as a form of payment. Whitepaper: Company: BIG Token Limited Token Name: BIG Token What is BIG Token: BIG Token Testimonials and Pre-Launch: Learn More about BIG Token from Core Team by Joining Telegram: Maximum Tokens for Supply: Available Supply: 400 million tokens Circulation: 320 million tokens Public Sale Start: 27 Feb 2018 Public Sale End: 8 May 2018 Token Minimum purchase in pre-sale: 10,000 tokens Token Price: $1 = 5000 ETH Currency Accepted: Ethereum
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“But investors and companies should also know that buyers can sue sellers privately under the federal securities laws based on similar theories. Sellers should know about these laws to understand the risks they face, and buyers should know their remedies if treated unfairly.” Article by Jared Paul Marx #ethereum #ethereumclasic #mining #cryptomemes #cryptolife #cryptotrade #cryptotrader #finance #waves #xrp #xlm #stellar #etc #eth #btc #bitcoins #bitcoin #ripple #ripples #tether #markets #cryptolife #sell #hodl #markets #economics #new #2018 #blockchain #cryptonews #cryptocurrencynews #tron
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Today our action is GIFTO (GTO) GIFTO is a platform that allows users to create, curate, buy, sell, and trade digital gifts across any platform. And you can do all of this by copying and pasting a single link. No programming skills are required. The GIFTO platform uses the Ethereum-based ERC721 standard to ensure each digital item is unique. That allows content creators to make one-of-a-kind gifts that fans can buy. Gifts can be as simple as a virtual lipstick, handbags, or dresses. Or they can involve complex animations of virtual Lamborghinis, flying unicorns, or cascading rose petals. The permutations are endless. To use the GIFTO platform, you need the GTO token. But having a cool solution isn’t enough to drive a coins price higher. It’s estimated that about 10 million people own or trade some form of crypto assets. If all GIFTO does is bring its own users into the crypto space through the GTO token, it will be responsible for 10x-ing the size of the crypto market. Just on its existing 100 million members, GIFTO could become the largest consumer-facing blockchain application in the world. If the GTO token catches on outside of its platform, there are 4.3 billion potential users worldwide. It’s no exaggeration to say that if it’s successful, GIFTO could become the blockchains first consumer killer app. _____________________________ Today’s Action: GIFTO (GTO) Buy Price: 0.418 Buy It On: Binance  _____________________________ #buffetts10 #eos #btc#bitcoin #bitcoinexchange #bitcointrade#bitcoins #bitcoinnews #bitcoinmining#bitcoinmillionaire #bitcoinprice#bitcointechnology#bitcoinacceptedhere #crypto#cryptocurrencies #bitcoinvalue#blockchain #investingbitcoin
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今日は今のところ 仮想通貨マーケットはどれもイマイチすね。。 小さい時間足では レンジっぽくなってるし、 もう一段の下げも警戒したいすね。
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