Johnny Manziel opens up about his struggle with mental health issues 🙏 #JohnnyManziel
Talent was there no doubt, but in all realness he certainly lacked the discipline.
@badabingmin 😂 good bye.
Isn’t he playing in Canada
@whiteclassapparel lol nah mate you dont know shit about how its like. although im pretty sure this cunt was misdiagnosed
@tsimatt plus des problemes de boissons tant qua moi
Comeback $zn
Tired of everyone drawing parallels to Kaepernick when any player news pops up. You’re comparing a 30 year old quarterback that has turned down 7th year league minimum contracts. The dude had his agency demanding starter money. Manziel is a damn clown, but he isn’t going on 31 and past his prime. Give it up already.
@jerry_caron yer srmt encore sua poud👃🏼
No second chance
You have no discipline you’re fucked in this league
Too much joy lmao
C’MON——— man Everybody has fucking mental health issues
Unfortunately it’s too late. 🤷🏻‍♂️
I'm sure he could find a job with some team doing ummm field maintenance.
Hurry up then..
He simping 😂😂
Cardinals need a QB nice fit super bowl baby
He should just give up. Focus on himself. He messed up but idk if any team would sign him. Maybe Cardinals
everytime a celebrity do crazy stuff they claim they had mental issues
Stfu your drunk!
He’s starting to wake up
Mental health issues?! Hahahha! Oh wow!!! Where I’m from we call that a fuck up ,drunkie ,cokehead puro pinche pari. Type a foo. Ay white ppl t digo! Mental health issues pobrecito.foh 💯🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻✊🏻
I thought partying brought you joy
People keep doubting #comebackszn
One day soon #comebackszn
Peace be with ya JM
Not more joy than partying 😂😂
@chiefjon562 English. Do u speak it?
This guy is confused yo! Seek help
@saintsvsworld yea why what’s up?
He has no mental heath😂😂 hes from kerville and is a party animal 😂😂😂
He got denied by the CFL that’s how you know you’re not coming back😂😂
I was never convinced he couldn’t play. He played with the browns, I’d like to see him on an nfl team.
Why does he keep getting attention?
@_manning_ and the XFL to lol
I support you @jmanziel2 everyone deserves another chance to make things right! #comebackszn
Just give this man another chance damn!
@therealchristiancuevas_ is the XFL still a thing?
@_manning_ yeah they gonna bring it back in 2020 and Vince said that Johnny manziel can't come due to his "criminal" background.
@_gdagreyt_ FR
@therealchristiancuevas_ lollll
Been rooting for u since day 1 @jmanziel2 keep working
@pardonmytake that your quote ?
Biggest Bust
Manziel to the Vikings they ain’t got a QB going into free agency 🤣🔥
@jakegenachowski in your face! !!!
He’s the goat
Just stay woke
My uncle went outside his work building to go to lunch only to see Johnny across the street smoking a cigarette. This was 4 days ago. No joke.
Wish him the best hope he can ball again
I’m sure Kaep feel the same way.
@c_johns0n_4 what that gotta do with his mindset and mental health?
@c_johns0n_4 mhmmm sure
Drunk partying ass hell no
@thescore @jmanziel2 then quit waiting on the XFL
U a dumb dumb QB
U will keep believing practice and ask God to be responsible for u and your light wud shine
@bizzy972 sacrée descente aux enfers lassui
I wanna see him play again
And kap
@c_johns0n_4 🤦‍♂️
@saintsvsworld Your business. Can you mind it? He used internet spelling, just like you used “u” instead of “you”. 🤷🏾‍♂️
@davidnilehn lmao I’m not even joking.
Ion even see how shit went left for him....he had it all at one point smh #behumble
@c_johns0n_4 Im 🤦‍♂️ at you....
@davidnilehn Ik. I’m not kidding
Giants should sign him and give him a shot
Fuck this dude...
Stop hanging out with these idiots you claim friends, stop hanging out with these rappers
I don't see any team signing him, he fucked it all up.
@___ron__ is garbage.....period
@jaysun_browen better than having a drunk anytime 😭
@_realmookhoe the only thing they have in common is that they were both awful qbs
Someone sign this man there are several nfl teams that need quarterbacks the dude can ball man he fucked up so what shit happens theres several other players that fucked up and are still in the league
Don’t come to Hamilton please.
@rdg_03 not like him
@ro_show2 josh gordan????
@_realmookhoe expect Kaep isn’t mentally messed up
@ro_show2 josh gordan did worse in my opinion and he still gets to play
Someone sign Kaepernick and Griffin iii
@iangaw absolutely not.
Not mental health. Such a cop out. He’s a drunk, nothing to do with mental health.
@mesperry2 The same thing I was saying.
@___ron__ I’m not saying manziel should be in either he’s pretty much the definition of wasted talent
@ro_show2 ❗️❗️
@jaysun_browen agree to disagree. Kapernick doesn't need AA nor is he wasted talent. Hell the browns can use him
@justin_11698 if you like sucking his D why don't you just come out and say it fag??
@___ron__ I agree that he’s good enough to be in the nfl but he’s too much of a distraction for his level of skill
@rdg_03 not my choice though
This dudes ego...
Sign this man
He had potential. Just couldn't keep his head on straight. Always wanted to party and stay out late.
Kap > Manziel
@njg9 😂😂
Manziel is a god, put him back on the field
@2kule4u bahahaha. Put him in the XFL. That would be fun to watch
Hope he is healthy but who cares about his football career. He isn't good. He will never be an NFL starter ever again.
@virick_18 you don’t know shit about mental health. This comment was retarded, you’re a fuckin joke
@mesperry2 Being a drunk can have a whole hell of a lot to do with mental health.
Who is this guy? Seriously?
We need Johnny football back
Bring johnny football back
Yeah Yeah
@bradpower91 no youre a fuckin joke. its his fault that he wanted to do cocaine every other day and show up to practice late. he ruined his career and now hes trying to be a little bitch and blame it on mental illness instead of his own dumbass self.
Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah
@justin_11698 you obviously do. The guy let fame get to him and he puttered out. Call it what it is.
@joolzwinfield agreed. But not in this case.
@gavin.hutcheson see you know nothing about mental illness. If you did,!you would understand drugs and alcohol are copping techniques often used my people suffering severe mental health problems. You’d know that things that used to mean everything to somebody can become nothing to them because of their mental health. They give up on themselves and when everyone else does too, it’s pretty easy to not go to practice or snort a couple lines to try and make yourself feel better again. Football used to be his drug but his mind took it away. Just do some research man, why hate if he’s trying to get better?
@bradpower91 the bottom line is that he took his chance for granted. if he really had mental issues, why snort coke and stay at home all day instead of getting help, telling your team you need some time off and fully recovering? its his fault, not some mental illness. and please tell me why the hell the biggest football prospect in the country at the time wouldve been so severely depressed??
Man weighs a buck thirty soaking wet with a stripper on his shoulders 🚮
@gavin.hutcheson you just keep proving you know nothing about mental health. Read a book, and get educated. You can have everything and still be depressed, you’re stupid as fuck. Tell his teammates and owner paying him millions he needs time off cause he depressed? Have you ever heard the work stigma before? You definitely have zero idea what it means. Don’t @ me again until you do some research. You are either fully retarded and shouldn’t have a phone or you’re one of the most ignorant people in the earth
@aricroest he is good his problems were off the field not on. Have you ever seen him play
@bradpower91 i think that you are the fucking idiot here because in your mind, throwing away a hundred million dollar NFL career is better than people associating you with some stupid ass fucking stigma. no one thinks down on depressed people, thats just their excuse to do heroin and coke all day instead of get help
Johnny Manziel=Alcohol>NFL
Same guy who charged kids for an autograph.. god works in mysterious ways, count your blessings, be humble.
Mental health issues ??? He's a junky with money that's all
Comeback SZN
Sign this man!!!!!!!
Manziel is more of a circus than Lavar Ball. He was never a tier 1 NFL QB, and never will be.
@realflytye how did I know some black dude would be bringing race and Kaep up... broken fuckin records.
@cynan.jarod yah I've seen him play. I don't think his skill set translates to the NFL as a winning consistent qb...seems the 32 gms agree.
@aricroest the 32 gms don't want him because he was trouble off the field
@gavin.hutcheson I never once said it was the best decision to make throwing away his NFL contract,you fuckin little fuckin internet pube. Everyone handles problems differently, you have no idea what’s going on inside the head of a sick person. Yes there is a stigma, wow you have zero facts about anything. I’m done with this conversation cause you ain’t getting it. For you to think all depressed people are hard drug junkies, you have no basic understand at all. Just please read a book
@cynan.jarod that for sure has something to do with it. I also believe if the NFL teams thought he had even a little upside he would of gotten a workout or something by now
@aricroest he got a workout with the saints just last offseason. He would've been a lot better if he committed to going to meetings and the team but you have to remember that he was drafted by the browns
@cynan.jarod I didn't know he actually worked out there. Thought that was just a possibility but it never happened. Yah he didn't commit for sure. I'm just really skeptical on the way he plays and translating it to the NFL. People think Tebow is amazing bc of college and I think he is terrible too.
@aricroest review was terrible because of his mechanics. There is nothing wrong with johnnys mechanics he just couldn't ever understand what it meant to be an NFL qb. He had breakfast with Shaun Payton then had a workout
@cynan.jarod Also He Didn't Actually Have a workout. Payton met him at the Superbowl and they had breakfast and talked about a return. Anyways that's what I just read
@aricroest he had a private workout with Payton and drew
@bradpower91 fuck you and your books about fags that use depression as an excuse to be a junkie
Am I supposed to feel bad?
i love how they think opening up about a mental issue is going to get them back in the league. you literally just added a whole other off the field issue. 🤦🏽‍♂️
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when ur bestie lost a dare
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The trump mask lying around the house because I never got rid of it from Halloween + a bottle of Jameson + not having work; will produce this product @5thyear you won’t post this on your page
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@jmanziel2 is such a sweetheart. Therefor I had to give him a slew of compliments 💪😂 #johnnymanziel
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