3 dubs in 5 days!! The tarheels only have 4 more regular season games and only one more home game😢 Comment below what seed we will be in the NCAA tournament👇
Maybe 2 prolly 3
1 more loss- 2 seed 2 more losses- 3 seed 3 losses- 4 seed 0 losses- 1 seed
Win out and win acc tournament- 1 seed
Go 3-1 and win acc tournament 2 seed. Anything else 3-4 seed
@sarahh.lindsay THE WINK
@claireskinner wowow
We go legend
4 more games left come guys let's go to work let the fun begin when the ACC tournament get 3 seed in the NCAA tournament let's have some fun in March what' song is this
Proud to be a tarheel fan
3 or 4
@tar23heels go legend