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Tá tudo bem com Vanessa! OK QUE BOM ! MAS MANTER ALERTA SEMPRE
We love you, Vanessa!!! And are so happy you are okay!!!
Take care , there are a lot of crazies out in the world . Thankful you weren't hurt !!
Glad to see Vanessa's okay!
Grateful you weren’t hurt! ❤️
Personalized bag charm/luggage tag (not a key ring). Fully handmade. Hand painted on authentic full grain leather, not printed. Also meticulously hand stitched. Art commission WA +628111260109. #selvish
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I can’t believe how much my life and thinking has changed. I would always eat sweet foods without even thinking about the calories because I grew up been able to eat anything and everything and stay the same weight... slowly the weight grabbed a hold of me and one day I looked in the mirror grabbing my fat and feeling so down and disappointed with my unhealthy lifestyle! I needed to change something quick before it spiralled out of control! It wasn’t just my weight I always felt tired and suffered with severe anxiety and panic attacks, energy drinks and huge amounts of sugar did not help this at all. Now I’m healthy and have taught my brain to think differently about food I really appreciate treats like ice cream every now and then! I’m so happy I’ve finally achieved my goals. #transformationtuesday #tuesday #weightloss #legs #justdoit #gympost #gymlife #eatclean #healthy
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Unimpressed cookie face #cookie #ariajane #baby #tuesday #cookiemonster
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Everyone says don’t curl in the squat rack but nobody every said anything about curling near one! 😏 . . Also proud to announce finally that Precision Supplements new preworkout “Sniper” is now available! Be sure to order a container ASAP to be among the first to experience this revolutionary preworkout! 👊🏽💥 . . DOUBLE TAP if you’re going to try SNIPER! 💥 . . #Sniper #HitYourMark #Tuesday
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Ending this #Tuesday #strong and doing it with #Class and #Beauty and #Brains #entrepreneur. #Denver #Colorado #bossbabe
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@lapelsings awesome set, thanks for having me out 🙏🏻
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