For months I had been putting together and researching what ended up becoming the Reading and Resources List for Activists. I didn't know what its purpose would be, but I knew that I had learned so much and wanted to share the writing, programs and books I read so that others who were willing, would have their eyes opened up about social justice issues, gender, privilege and supremacy. At the start of January I experienced a very painful, traumatising and triggering experience with yt family members who took offence to me raising the issue of race with regard to sexual assault. A relative who I had been close to since our teenage years, despite living on other sides of the world, derailed the conversation I started with an accusatory tone and not only harmed me, but harmed my women of colour friends who jumped in with support. It didn't end there. I was insulted and patronised by 2 other relatives and my pain over past racial abuse experiences 'laughed' at with laughing emoticons in response before being told off and told that being so young (41) I probably had no idea what I was talking about or what life is like. I kept a very even and calm demeanour through this online assault, but inside, I was hurt beyond belief. Members from the yt side of my family were attacking me. I have done all I can to move forward from this truly awful experience, going so far as to block and ban 2 of the family members. The relative who kicked this b.s. off, we are still facebook friends, but have not spoken or been in contact since. I don't feel that this relationship can ever be set right again, not when she is so very reluctant to learn how to do better, centering herself constantly and instead telling me that she will stick to animal rights causes instead. As a result, I do deem our connection and kinship, over. Racism is something that affected me for a very long time and at a crucial time of my life growing up. (More in comments)
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Another super hero film... yes but I really enjoyed Black Panther! It’s one of the most equal - between men and women - Hollywood productions I’ve ever seen and it’s about time we have a black super hero, or what do you think? 🎬 #blackpanthermovie @angelina_hakansson
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When yt family went on the offence, patronised, derailed and got upset about a discussion on Facebook about race, my one yt ally and friend that laboured hard and came to my defence was a high school friend I haven’t seen in 15 years. One person out of several hundred ‘friends’ while I was being attacked by 3 yt family members. Let that sink in. “We befriend white women and work to establish genuine, caring, reciprocal relationships with them, and, in times of racial attack, our white friends are profoundly and violently silent. We yell, scream, cry and ask for help while society attacks, assaults and rapes us simply because we are black and brown. We face these attacks on a daily basis. Our identity, value, worthiness and pure presence is constantly under scrutiny and attack. We face the racial assaults daily. We are bombarded with racial microaggressions by people who call us friend. And often while we are being traumatised our white friends peek through the blinds and say nothing; and many times, they are our attackers.” - White Spaces Missing Faces, Catrice M. Jackson
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Through the process of discovering why representation matters to others and what I have always felt about it, in tandem I’m deconstructing my own identity, what it means to be whole, what it means to accept otherness, to feel ok that I’m simply being me and that’s always been more than enough.
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Classic brownies 👌🏻 what do you like? Crunchy corners or the soft middle? Take the poll in our story! ✨ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #fourteentwentynine #columbusohio #columbusbusiness #cbusfoodscene #cbusdesserts #cbusigers #mombaker #browniebaker #abolitionist #socialenterprise #socialjusticeactivist #endhumantrafficking
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For the past year, I’ve been asking this question in my mind, to friends, and on social media: has there ever been a time in history when white women collectively, undeniably, and aggressively spoke up for and/or stood up for women of color? I’m not talking about a few notable white women, or about a few groups of white women here and there. I’m talking about thousands and millions of white women collectively marching in the streets to say, “No more mistreatment and oppression women of color!” Can you think of a time? Do you know of a time when white women collectively risked their lives to save the lives of black and brown women, a time when they sacrificed their collective time, money, resources, and energy to fight the system that oppressed women of color? Nah! There is no such time. Not even today. - Catrice M. Jackson, The Becky Code
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