What are we looking at?
@_alxndr_mgno read hashtags. Mine always tell the story.
Heads but they have beheading children and people for years. Drinking their blood then eat their flesh. For satanic rituals and the artist is just a satanic demonic evil wicked homosexual child of satan itself
@shotonbothsides so I guess it's supposed to be an owl? I don't see it
I just see an ugly painting
@shotonbothsides your hash tags really are not that clear. #confusingstory
When you paint "add color" on a printed photoshoped picture .... And you're not even good at it. I think it accidentally happened,just an unprofessional ugly painting of an ugly dude in a dress,...
Wow, I didn’t really look at it before because it’s just a really plain boring painting, but now that i look at it I see that. They have symbols in everything.
I see a 1 horned demon onmher chest and an Owl on the lower dark segment. Maybe I am nuts
How about the serpent in her hair resting on her shoulder?
People still don't realise this page is bait for tinfoils 🤣
@daaanstagram And here you are.
Yes , I can only imagine what lists I will be on for following you 😵
Layers? Technique learned just today: for positive: Paint all nightmares, dry, cover with black, dry, cover with white, dry, paint happiness. If same concept than these are fears... respect to Mrs Michelle O. Otherwise 🧐🤨
Franks and beans
@shotonbothsides 👌
I see a tranny who hates the USA and got his license to practice law revoked due to insurance fraud. ...
It’s often in the details.. What can you tell about a person, or perhaps even a certain culture, when noticing the details in the ordinary day to day stuff?
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Fire art
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What do you see?
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I'm the worst at taking videos and almost dropped my phone in the tub trying to catch this. 😂 #hibiscus #bathart #bathbomb #testing #candypandawax #pretty #whatdoyousee
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I SEE JEWELLERY Via. @tomgalle convo with @artslant I SEE JEWELLERY #iseejewellery #iseejewelleryeverywhere #iseejewelry #iseejewelryeverywhere #whatdoyousee #thejewelleryactivist #jewelleryactivist 👉🏼FOLLOW @jewelleryactivist
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... Öylesine ... . #look #whatdoyousee #emotions . . Göz gördüğünü sever.. . Ya kalp ? . ...
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