Just keep moving.... The real ones will recognize! #BrunchandTheCity
4 months ago
Whatever he lacks I’m right over his shoulder! 🖤 #flashbackfriday
15 minutes ago
#latergram from my 3rd annual Fat Tuesday paczki ride. This Polish Michigander tradition has stayed with me and become my personal holiday. Hawk Hill repeats followed by a trip to Seakor Polish Deli in the Richmond - the only place I've located paczki in SF. This year included two Hawk Hills, one Battery Townsley, ten new Michigander friends at the deli, and eating two paczki. . . #paczki #paczkiday #fattuesday #fromwhereiride #sanfrancisco #marin #hawkhill #batterytownsley #goldengatebridge #michigan #michigander #yum
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I love you ❤️ happy birthday weekend doll face #bestie #fattuesday #loveyou
40 minutes ago
Flash🔙 to Kanaval (Carnival). Haiti has one of the largest Mardi Gras carnivals in the Caribbean and North America. The carnival season starts in January commonly known as Pre-Kanaval and the main activities starts on a Sunday and ends on Mardi Gras. It's celebrated in the capital Port-au-Prince and other cities like Jacmel, Cayes, along with music made specifically for Knaval, défilé (parade), bands and tons of drinking!! The costumes are colorful. Being part of Haitian culturale heritage, it's funded by the government and businesses. Every year, tourists travel from all over the world to enjoy Haiti's carnival. Ever been to Mardi Gras?
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