An envelope with a “powdery substance” found at former President #BarackObama's D.C. office is now found to be baby powder, following a police investigation on Tuesday. The incident was reported at around 11 a.m. at the World Wildlife Fund Headquarters at 1250 24th Street in Northwest D.C. The former president has leased office space in the building since leaving the #WhiteHouse in January 2017. D.C. Fire and EMS first responders wearing hazmat suits entered the building to investigate. Nobody was injured, and building employees remained in place as officials responded. FBI and Secret Service also responded to the scene. D.C. Fire and EMS Battalion Chief Edward Smith tells FOX 5 a letter was mailed to the Northwest D.C WWF office from #HongKong, but did contain threat note, and had no return address. Officials were able to determine the substance was harmless and was, in fact, baby powder, but it tied up traffic and caused concern for people in the #WestEnd area between #DupontCircle and #Georgetown. The Obama family lives in D.C.'s Kalorama neighborhood, not far from the office building. It is unclear if the former president was in the office when the incident was reported. The Spokesman for WWF tells FOX 5 this was the second instance in two days for their organization, as a package containing a white powder was sent to their #Switzerland HQ Monday. But that powder was also not hazardous. There does not appear to be a connection to the incident on Monday, where #PresidentTrump's daughter-in-law #VanessaTrump, wife of #DonaldTrumpJr., opened an envelope containing a white powder. Investigators later found the substance was cornstarch. Sources told FOX 5 New York's Linda Schmidt that the envelope had a Boston postmark. Fox News reports that London police were also investigating a “suspicious package” Tuesday after a letter containing white powder was sent to an office in the Palace of Westminster, authorities said. The Secret Service continues to investigate the WWF building incident.
Cocaine samples from their Columbian deals ??
so like out of all the mail they get sent, that’s the one they happen to open
Vx gas
Line it up and rail it!
Warning from big pharma? Based on SU speech?
@hillaryclinton did it .... with that soros money...
lmao i’d love to hear the conversation trump had w his daughter on that 😂😂😂
@bliggiesmallz do you know how to read the caption
@sk8ing_david_ They have people opening all that stuff , But this was worth talking about
About time , now sniff it
@fire_bird_of_infinity naw I can’t read bird brain. Maybe I need one of ur courses. 😩😩😩🤣
@bliggiesmallz excellent! when do you start? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 have a wonderful day
Oh no not the baby powder anything but the Baby powder. 😁😱
Anthrax scare starting all over again. For no reason.
It's because they want him to make cornbread and good hygiene
Free drugs for them?.#nothingnew
So you telling me they could track an unknow package of weed with no name or sender attached to whoever sent it but can’t trace this back to whoever doing it.
Lol. I hope they wore gloves. Otherwise that a lot of explaining to do, for an early April fools joke 😅 💁‍♂️😹
Wore hazmat suits? Dramatic much
Cocaine bro lol
If you like your drug plan, you can keep your drug plan.
I’m excited to hear the liberals freak out now, especially after so many of them thought that Don Jr’s wife deserved the terrorizing letter she received.
but what did the threat letter say? no one has questioned the threat?
Found at former president Barack Obama D.C office ? Lmao . . weirdo libtards and trumptards are both the same I tell you😂
Goin Postal
@_92flow read the caption dumbass
98% pure Columbian flake..they sniff for free
Got em
Damn the dropping the Anthrax 2s ?!?!?
Anthrax or Nose Candy? 🤔
@magic_baby elaborate Coke fueled George bush jrs prank. HIRE ME FBI
Dat Ain't No Damn Baby Powder
So why are they telling the world where the Obama’s live and where the exact address of his office #shady ass people
@tommybrightwell the threat is the substance. Whether its harmless baby powder or ricin that is the threat
@astonish_moi no it says in the article the letter contained a note. it doesnt state what the note said as to why world leaders are being threatened. did you read it?
Trump did it.
News says "baby powder" I say "alien jizz" #staywoke
@he_cant_get_enough But they knew where he lived for eight years though? He still has a personal security detail 24/7
Coke samples
So they're still alive damn
They was tryna call Barack ashy
I’d anyone want to send me some white mystery powder- I’m totally ok w that.
Obama is just trying to distract from him sending the other letters. #pos
@prince.whis Smaller parcels like envelopes are more difficult to track even if the envolopes were dropped at a box that is monitored by video or even inside of a post office. Boxes or parcels larger than an envelope always have a different postal rate and require that you pay for said postal rate before shipping. Although you can pay for shipping a package on line its impossible to pay for postage anonymously. You'll be on camera at any place that sends out packages. Envolopes and letters on the other hand make up a majority of the postal traffic, and unless you sent and envelope over night it would nearly be impossible to track an envelopes origin unless the stamps used were bought at a post office or over the counter somewhere that had video surveillance.... Dumbass #PresidentClownShoes🤡 and his people probably cooked this whole thing up to distarct us. "Dont wanna arouse suspicion so lets send some of those envolopes to my enemies so no one is none the wiser"
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@_92flow you're an idiot, it's states that its Barack Obama's current office. That he's the former president. Basic English man
@tommybrightwell having worked for the govt any substance is considered a threat - sugar, corn starch etc. Yes i did read it. No need to be nasty peaches
It’s a message
@dannygreeneart 😂
Cacaine! 😂
Lol yeah, cuz they open their own mail
It's their heroin order samples
Whew, for a second I thought it said Vanna White.
It looks like anthrax
Look like Dave Chappelle found a buyer for that anthrax
Baby milk powder
@redirob_215 best comment
So why Did trumps daughter in law get Sick and have too go seek medico Help after package She Found in her Manhattan estate ??? For Baby Powder
@puppetsworld why thank you 😁
@fbg_ic I don't know the full details but I understood it that she didn't get sick, but with her exposure to it and not knowing of it was a poison, they wanted to get her immediate attention readily available.
Low key delivery from the plug
@jenn_hlav that was the point , it was corn starch with a threatening letter on the inside , it was supposed to look like anthrax
@dannygreeneart this white mystery powder was supposed to resemble the powder that kills anyone who breathes in even the tiniest amount. The person put corn starch in there and wanted them to believe it was anthrax , a white powder used in warfare to kill anyone who inhales the substance
@lovely.chrissy_ why would trump do this to his sons wife?
@rgkennedy_ someone’s sat having a right laugh about all this😂
@someonestolemylunchbox 🤦🏻‍♂️
@astonish_moi no need to give your terrible opinion without being asked f
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They sent some spirits at em some black magic shit
Some body be mad
Maybe Barack was on a coke binge?
😝😝 ain’t nothing mysterious about that white powder lmaooo
Can people stop acting with disgusting behavior to other human beings? This is sickening.
@andyandybjj funny ass comment 😂🙌🏽
@feenogohard_124 best samples from Colombia 😂
@andyandybjj 😭😆🤣
The same powder that sent Trump Jr's wife to the hospital? Interesting...
@bliggiesmallz *colombian
Who cares if its a trump, good to be rid of them anyway
Cuz their shit is weak
@chuyporchini seria chopo???
@skogheimen97 I smell a liberal
@lojeezus i smell a guy who likes the trump family
@skogheimen97 indeed
@lojeezus so how does it feel to have a president that doesnt do shit but is just golfing and being racist as fuck?
@skogheimen97 it feels good because even though he's fucking dumb he's still a less shittier president than what Hillary would've been. There's ten times more shady shit that people keep uncovering about her
In Honor of all the “Marches for Life” around the country and the world today: a peaceful photo of an outing, where my daughters and I took my mother to her favorite beach, a month before she passed away in December; and a quote from her Beloved, President Barack Obama: . . “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” . . . Read more at: . . . Also, I encourage all of those who are able, to vote for change in the Midterm Elections this November - even the small town elections can make a difference! . . . 🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️ . . . . #marchforourlives #vote #democracy #justice #registertovote
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Former President #BarackObama tweeted his support for students marching across the US to demand #guncontrol, telling them they're leading the charge. #africacablenetwork #twitter #obama #nra #marchforourlives
16 minutes ago
Always my Prez: #barackobama and #michelleobama to Parkland Students. Being compassionate has nothing to do with being presidential. Embracing humanity shouldn't be coerced. It should come naturally. #march4ourlives #blacklivesmatter #kidslivesmatter
1 hour ago
To understand economic trends, historical references are needed. Today’s fiscal climate—which falls under the “neoliberalism” name—leans heavily towards free market policies (corporatism, less regulations or deregulation, and tax cuts across the board or only on the non-wealthy) by both political parties. It started in the 1980s with hard fiscal conservatism pushed by the New Right—such as Ronald Reagan and George HW. Bush—controlled Republican Party; and countered with a centrist “Third Way” alternative pushed by the New Democrat—such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama—controlled Democratic Party. Both slightly differing yet mostly the same policies holding down the economy for decades up until today. These moderate to fiscally conservative policies aren’t perfect, as they poise problems revolving around income inequality; though they’re essentially the most efficient American fiscal system to date. In the 1930s, (D) Franklin Roosevelt created an artificial economy via his fiscal liberalism: This wasn’t just a high social safety net (that the welfare aspects of would later be gutted by both parties), but a well regulated and highly taxed economy. This, plus the normalized federal budget surpluses of that time led to recessions within the Great Depression; which left it up to WW2 to get the U.S. out of, and into a booming economy. (R) Dwight Eisenhower kept the well regulated economy and budget surpluses, but that and the tax rates eventually led to another recession; which took (D) John Kennedy’s deficits to cure, though those same deficits continuing into Lyndon Johnson’s administration led to rising inflation. And (R) Richard Nixon imposing wage-price controls to curb it only led to stagflation, which trickle-down policies later cured, as it deregulated businesses and cut taxes. The moderate-to-conservative fiscal policies of today may have led to rising income inequality; but it curbs inflation while allowing for GDP growing/unemployment dropping deficits, while—after Reagan/Bush Sr. considering they suffered from large interest, hence multiple tax spikes—keeping consistent tax cuts for the middle class, and often for the large businesses as well.
18 minutes ago
#BarackObama speaks out regarding #MarchForOurLives 🇺🇸 @barackobama #topstories
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