How wonderful! She will never forget her amazing week of adventures with you!
Seriously adorable - thanks for sharing the amazing photos of your wonderful time. Stella is gorgeous and has such a lovely smile !
Sweet pictures!!
I want to come to camp Joan! What a cute girl!
Beautiful - what a pretty girl ✨💛✨💛✨
And how yummy is that waffle
She is adorable, Joan!!! Beautiful eyes and smile!What a sweet visit. ❤️
Am I too old for this camp?! 😭I’m not as cute or fearless but I make a great martini and speak dog
I would love New Hamsher too 😁👌🏻
@hillcountryhousegirl Hi Ann! How are you and yours?! xxo
@stephen.andrew.jones Your cedentials are impeccable for this camp 🤣 You can come as Barnie's plus one 😘🐶
Precious! It looks like you showed her a very fun time!
@goodwifeh We tried and i think it was a success 😉
Goodness she's adorable! I wish I'd had an aunt or great aunt like you! So glad you shared.
Such precious memories- she’ll always remember her time in New Hamsher!!
Awesome Treasured Memories, she is soooooo Beautiful, Love Love the pics and videos Thank you for sharing them. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I’m sure she did not want to leave!!
I want to be Stella!!!!!
What a wonderful week!!!
What a lucky little girl!.... on many levels❤️❤️
Adorable! Future Olympian with a 6 min mile!💪
Is this a Texas kid? What a wonderful new world you've shown her...I remember going to my uncles farm in Hillsborough when I was a kid...have always been homesick for NH, especially a horse named Gypsy. .. even though I live in MA..
Such special memories were made! Stella is a beauty.
Awww! So sweet! My NH nieces and nephew are coming to GA in a few weeks, and we can’t wait!!
I want to be your niece!
@kobuk741 Louisiana!! Gypsy sounds wonderful! My Gypsy was a horse named Val at my brother-in-laws uncle's farm in Tecas! Sweet memories!❤️ How fun!!
@herbsend I Am seeing a need in the world for grown ups to have an aunt joanie !!!!🤡
@merehyde Isnt that the cutest?!!😍
@fortheloveofahouse BARBIE!!!!
I bet she’s already planning her next visit. What great memories for you all.
Thank you 🤣 xxStella
Wow! What a fun and adventurous week. Memories that will last forever.
Absolutely love this❤️