anything but a lazy sunday #doingthings • swipe to see the full flow. Decided to do something other than inversions today hahah and this is what happened 〰️ crop: @outdoorvoices mat: @alwaysxalways but you already know 🌿
Stretch boo
@cherry_timato actual photo of me reaching for my goals hahah
Get it girl!
You go girl 🙌🏾
I need your help getting me into the splits! Pls! 🙏🏻✨
@lisahostudio yes let’s have a partner stretch sesh!!!
@ariannfruitariann we need to flow together soon 💗✨
@jocelynneflor yeeees! I’ll be there in mid March and I’m planning to spend more time in Toronto so count on it ❤️❤️
Are those yoga culottes 😍
@sundaesquats nope just regular! Surprised there isn’t a hole in the crotch after this 😂
But the pants tho 😻
@omandthecity thanks gal 🙏🏼✨
@jennyreschkefit 💗
@briamitchellx right?! If only they were actual yoga pants 😭 they’re “9-5” pants!
@jocelynneflor from where?
@jocelynneflor Bahaha I love culottes! I think they’re hole in the crotch proof
Beautiful stretch!!!!
Love it! There’s no better way to spend a “lazy” Sunday. 😉
Those pants are amazing!
even though my word for the year is “walk” - it doesn’t mean i stop the hustle. the hustle comes with work, walking in perfect will, and actively waiting. _ i get so tired and a lot of times i just want to lay on my couch with the heating blanket and a chocolate chip cookie. more and more each day as i continue in my own health journey, i discover that REAL good food keeps me going, builds my strength, and stabilizes my emotions for my clients and the people around me (especially my hot hubs 🔥). so here’s to continuing your own journey, figuring out what works, and being vulnerable in asking for help. xoxo.
16 minutes ago
We L-O-V-E this snow! Everybody stay warm. #phillysnow #snowday #nxnwphilly #findyourbalance
33 minutes ago
Is there anything better than the lazy days of summer? It seems like forever ago! Today is going to be the lazy days in my kitchen, drinking coffee/baileys at 10am, dreaming and planning for the next adventure 🤷‍♀️
26 minutes ago
I have no problem traveling solo overseas, but I rarely do it here in US. However, this trip to Escalante, UT has reminded me that going solo is still exciting and fun. Hiking to Lower Calf Creek Falls was gorgeous and, surprise! I wasn’t the only solo lady on the trail. Heck yeah, Utah. Glad to have this chance to explore.
37 minutes ago
I swear I was wearing pants. See? 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ #doingthings #sedona
51 minutes ago
I was trying to figure out why the left side of my body was so bruised and hurt so bad today...oh yeah, I was figuring out this new roll last night. Still needs a little work, but I'm excited to have finally figured it out!! This has been a tricky one that I have struggled with for a long time! . . . . #newskill #lyra #hoop #aerialhoop #lyrahoop #aerialist #aerialacrobatics #aerialarts #workhard #pushyourself #aerialistofig #cirque #circus #circuslife #circusarts #circo #🎪 #aeriallife #doingthings #activelife #viedecirque
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It always amazes me, these things will cause you to sweat SO much!! Your body is capable of almost anything, it's your mind you have to convince 💪👊💪👊 #weights #legday #sweat #active #movement #strong #goalcrushing #igfitmoms #mompreneur #fitnessflow #faithoverfear #doingthings #makingachange #healthymom
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boss ladies all around! 〰️ here’s a throwback to our career boostin’ event two months ago 〰️ #awakethespace || photo by @andreina.go
1 hour ago
Oh heyyy 3rd trimester!!! 👋🏼
2 hours ago
Have you heard of @packedparty? It spun out of the idea that you should be able to throw yourself a pity party after a breakup 😂👏🏼 I just love that . . . And I really ❤️ the girl boss who started the company (@jordanplusjones) . . . #glitterguide #packedparty #atxblogger #bloglife #yogaandfriends #therefinery #austinmonthly #austinwoman #doingthings
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"never trust anyone who says they do not see color. this means to them, you are invisible." - Nayyirah Waheed # why are we so afraid of color? when it comes to difficult conversations about identity people so often steer clear because they don’t want to have the conversation poorly and say the wrong thing. but these things are messy, it’s okay to wade in unknowingly, just try. read about it, do your research, ask questions, try to educate yourself, but don’t expect other people who have to navigate this every day to do the work for you. and listen. listen a lot. saying i don’t see color isn’t true, it’s a poor excuse to avoid discomfort. i wish we could embrace all the difference and the color and all the awkward convos that make us better at understanding each other. these convos take time, practice and learning to get better at.
2 hours ago
Practicing those pesky crossback straddles, everyone’s fave 😂 how cute are my @outdoorvoices leggings though? 😍 #doingthings #outdoorvoices #aerialsilks #practicemakesprogress #circuseverydamnday
2 hours ago