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I’m just a young man from the 219 (Gary,IN) living life, traveling the world, going over seas, playing pro football, modeling, and working on multiple degrees. I remember they told me I wouldn’t make it this far. Where I’m from most don’t even see it past 18. I was the guy they didn’t really focus in high school and did some of the most dumbest stuff ever. Ended up homeless multiple times, ended up locked up multiple times, did drugs, sold drugs, been shot at, and did so much other stuff. The moment that changed my life was my Gma everytime I would not call for awhile she would say she thought I was back in jail or dead. That made me change my life and I got back in college and went harder for football and other things. People laughed, told me I couldn’t do what I said my dreams were, and to be more realistic, now look at me I’m blessed and this is only the start with more to come. Never let people tell you what you can’t do always remember you can do whatever you put your mind to and work hard for I’m living proof. #hardwork #grind #football #widereceiver @phenomelite #phenomelite #phenomelitegloves #nike #nikefootball
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