A little bit of sugar, spice & everything nice to get me through this Friday, courtesy of @donutologykc. Quick Q: how does anyone decide on what donut to choose when @donutologykc gives you 5,000 options? Literally a sugar lover’s playground 🍩 📸: @namtreezy #TGIF #kasimapproved
Thank God for yummy 🍩. Happy Friday✨
A donut a day keeps the doctor away! I so love cinnamon rolls😍😍
@kitziespa it’s the best way to get through fridaaaze
@kcmo_fashionista wiser words have never been said!
@kcmo_fashionista the cinnamon rolls at @donutologykc are killllah. And they have a microwave available for customers to use, so you can warm up that glaze 😋
@eirikhart ok. This is on the agenda for the next visit.
@kettlebellewilliams you will be v happy with that decision
@kettlebellewilliams I highly recommend getting creative with @donutologykc’s customizable minis
@ashleyl429 when I first glanced at that cinnamon roll, my heart skipped a beat 🍩❤️
Literally just drove by! Might stop and grab one...dozen! 🍩🍩🍩
@kasimjhardaway as did mine! Looks delightful!
@kansascityfoodiefinds hahaha I live dangerously close to @donutologykc and that is a thought I frequently have..
@ashleyl429 haha 🙈 it’s definitely a beaut (and it was v delightful)
@tinytiger22 I want it!
@hcdcbarnes @tinytiger22 you both need it, I promiseeee
@hcdcbarnes have you been to @donutologykc before?
Need to get my hand on these at the earliest 😍😍
@whenchaimet_biskit yes! I highly recommend you do 🕺🏽
@whenchaimet_biskit @donutologykc’s cinnamon rolls are amaaaazin’, I also love it’s apple fritters 🤤
@kasimjhardaway will definitely try that too.. Thanks! 😊😊
@whenchaimet_biskit of course! Lmk if you ever need more recommendations 🕺🏽
Literally just drove by! Might stop and grab one...dozen! 🍩🍩🍩
@kasimjhardaway no I haven't... yet! 😣
Is that why your watch is facing us????? Donut time!!!!! 🍩
It just has to be chocolate 🍫
@prohach hahah this just made my day!!!!!!
@meet.me.in.the.woods.kc chocolate is alwayssss my go to!
@kasimjhardaway 😊❤️🙌🏽
@kasimjhardaway yea, sure😊😊
Yum doughnuts and bbq! Two of our favorite things!!
@prohach hope all is well with you friend! I’m doing wine post with @ravagewines that I’m sure you will love!!
YUM!!! I want 🤗
@flyoverfoodie I want more now too 😂
@flyoverfoodie should have gotten a minimum of 5 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩
@summithickorypitbbq two of my favorite things as well!
@theyongbo issa winna, huh?
@theyongbo have you been to @donutologykc?
@kasimjhardaway all is great I’m in Florida now 🌴☀️84 degrees!!! Yasssssss!!!! 🍷🍷🍷
@prohach gahhh I’m jealous! I wish we had that type of weather.
You get one of everything! 🤪💓🍩
@kasimjhardaway me too I’ll be back in Midwest freeze zone Sunday 😞
@prohach ehhh, enjoy all the sun you can!
@thegilhausgroup haha that’s a great idea!
@kasimjhardaway will do!!!! 🌴☀️🍹🍷
Wow, I don’t even like donuts and those look amazing 😋
@frizzlemcdizzle sameee but sometimes I get that craving I gotta satisfy ✨
Thank you for blessing my timeline @kasimjhardaway
@azinser 💀💀💀💀
Looks like it’s time for my two fave foodie follows @kasimjhardaway & @donutologykc to collaborate on a giveaway... 👌🏻
@nomastayinkc 😂😂 you may be onto somethin’
@hcdcbarnes i havent been and i love donuts
@tinytiger22 ooooooh you should definitely give @donutologykc a try then!
@kasimjhardaway it's definitely on my to-try-soon list! Thanks for the drool-worthy picture to push me to try sooner!
@hcdcbarnes that’s what I’m here for 😂 all the drool worthy content courtesy my partna @namtreezy
@kasimjhardaway hahahahaha. Love it!
Awesome! Your insta is yum!!
@thisland_us thank you, I thought so as well 🕺🏽
@kasimjhardaway 🤤😋
@thisland_us 😏 two of my favorite emojis!
Donut-gasm. 🤤
@joannamliv I had one of those shortly before posting this bad boy!
The sugar-starrred 🌟 spiral of life: the donut. 🍩🍩🍩. Love this shot @kasimjhardaway and I love doughnuts! 😀
And your watch! 😎👀👌🏻👌🏽
@kcnightkitchen haha isn’t it a beaut!
@kcnightkitchen and thank you! Shot by the talented @namtreezy. Finding a nice back drop to shoot in front of was a fun activity 😂
@kcnightkitchen thank you!
Yummy 🌈😍👍😋😋😋
@plumeria1217 it was everything I wanted and more!
Have you been here @mytyguymassengill
@kasimjhardaway of course bro!
@theyongbo ayeeee 🕺🏽
@jbpierangeli have you visited @donutologykc before??
@kasimjhardaway you guys. 😊
Check that out!!! I hope you saved me one 😉
Oh wow this looks so good!
@feasties it was soooo good!
Be still my heart!
@alysiamorales ❤️❤️❤️
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Last year, somebody wanted to sue me. Actual "see you in court" words were spoken, and a couple of weeks later, I received legal notice. I was fortunate enough that the claims could not stand on their own, for a variety of reasons, and the thing never made it to court. . However, even though all the time I was perfectly aware that it was all most likely going to go away, I couldn't help my anxiety going through the roof. I was terrified. Not for myself, but for my family. I was aware that court and legal fees are no joke, and that lawsuits are life altering and potentially bankruptcy inviting situations. Every day, I would Google and research stuff, trying to reassure myself that I was going to be okay, only to fall prey to panic and fear. . One year later, I still can feel the anxiety creeping up my throat whenever I think back about this experience. . If you've seen my stories, and if you're following the whole IG yoga mess that has unfolded over the weekend, then you know why I'm bringing this up. My heart goes out to @nolatrees, because while I was fortunate enough to not have my personal situation evolve into an actual valid lawsuit, this hasn't been her case. Because I know how terrifying it is, and because I can't even begin to imagine the horror of actually being sucked into this vortex. . At this point, I don't care anymore about the rest of the story: I don't personally like any of the other involved parties - I don't find any to be better than the other (and I know this is not going to be the most popular opinion, but it's my opinion nonetheless). However, I am genuinely concerned for Dana @nolatrees - I am sharing her GoFundMe in my stories, so if you see it in your heart to donate, please help her get out of this nightmare. Nobody, deserves such an enormous lawsuit hanging over their head and potentially ruining their life forever. My heart goes out to her today. . . . . #spokenword #speakyourtruth #mytruth #speakup #yogateacher #yogateacherlife #yogaclass #mythoughts #mythoughtstoday #tgif #whatdoyouthink #yogateaching #teachingyogaisajob #practicewhatyoupreach #noneedtosaymore #allweneedislove #yogaforthesoul #supportoneanother #igyogacommunity
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Good morning world 🌤️ What a beautiful day to be alive 😁 what are you thankful for today? 🙏 #TGIF #mondaymotivation #brandnewweek
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