“You weren’t created to blend in, shut up, level out, and settle down. Your kingdom DNA craves to release the light of Jesus into the most darkest places until it resembles heaven. We are in an hour where destiny is being awoken in a generation that has been living short of its purpose, lied to by the enemy, robbed of its true identity, and led to a counterfeit calling. Can you hear the sound? It’s a war cry, a mighty rumbling in the heavens, a deep groaning in the earth, and the new song erupting from those discovering the very reason they were alive. They are leaving the pews to find the outcasts, rescuing the forgotten, and awakening an army of sons and daughters to the harvest of harvests. Can you feel your Spirit leap? Can you feel your heart starting to let go of what was and let in the sunlight of a new day? #prophecy #everydayprophetic #propheticword #instaprophecy #dailyprophetic #dailyprophet #propheticministry #encouragement #jesus #dailyword
5 days ago
I see chatter and noise being silenced as you release your FIGHT-BACK song! It has felt like all hell broke loose to delay you, dismay you, and derail you, but it has only highlighted the goods in contention. The enemy does not want you to experience the restoration, recompense, acceleration and FAVOR that this season is delivering to you! LIFT UP YOUR SONG AND WATCH YOUR ATMOSPHERE SHIFT!! #prophecy #everydayprophetic #propheticword #instaprophecy #dailyprophetic #dailyprophet #propheticministry #encouragement #jesus #dailyword
3 days ago
I hear the Lord saying; “I am looking for those that will not try to take the wine I give them and force it into old and dry wineskins. I am looking for those who will not take my secrets and revelation and filter it through an old formula and way, straining out the truth and power of the revelation. I am looking for those who I can trust to carry and birth revival that won't squash it to fit a past move or expression” “I am looking for a people that are not interested in living out of "business as usual" and "modus operandi" but those who are sensitive to the Spirit and will flow and blow in the direction and ways of the Spirit, not according to the acceptable standard and ways of common practice. I am looking for those who will allow me to mark and possess their lives to the degree that they no longer look for an outpouring but become one, a people so moved by my voice that they become my movement” “While the heart of man looks to and fro for those who can inspire with words, who can motivate a crowd, and who has the largest following, I look for those who are the least likely and I call them from the depths of the valley to be those who I can trust with my power and presence, and in this season they are rising up to lead my bride into her inheritance!" #prophecy #everydayprophetic #propheticword #instaprophecy #dailyprophetic #dailyprophet #propheticministry #encouragement #jesus #dailyword
1 day ago
Years ago I was in a very deep wilderness season that felt so long I didn’t know if I would ever see a scenery change. I had lost all passion, fight, and any desire or ability to dream. But to my surprise, from my darkest nights of my soul began to arise a song that erupted out of me and became a song of breakthrough that carried me into victory. God placed a song inside me that was my KEY to SEEing beyond the place I was surrounded by. In the seasons of waiting, transitioning, and preparing it can feel like you have been wasting away. Maybe it has felt like so many dreams are still on the shelf, unused and dormant, but the truth is you have not lost anything, you have not wasted anything. I believe this is an hour to open your mouth and let your song out and you will discover the power and breakthrough that will come from lifting your voice in struggle and crisis. It will literally begin to unshackle you from the place you have been tethered to and begin transport you into your promise. Breakthrough power is on your own tongue, and I pray today that you find your own song in this season that will take you out of the "stuck" place you have been in for far too long and usher you into your greatest season of thriving and being enabled for the fulfilling assignment God has prepared for you. #prophecy #everydayprophetic #propheticword #instaprophecy #dailyprophetic #dailyprophet #propheticministry #encouragement #jesus #dailyword
7 hours ago
MINA LIMA I recently visited The House of Mina Lima in Soho, London. I have wanted to go forever and finally dragged myself into town on a Harry Potter exploration day (Kings cross, A history of Magic exhibition, The Cursed Child). I would really recommend going! The graphics artwork is amazingly, the staff are friendly and funny and if you’re a true Potter fan you will be in heaven! @minalimadesign This poster was one of my favourites in the whole exhibition! Can’t wait for Crimes of Grindelwald artwork!
23 hours ago