Checked off bunch of #california in 2001 in a #westfalia pop up van ...ran it from #vancouver to #sanfrancisco to #lasvegas ....the van dropped on us here in #weedcalifornia ...gentleman informed us who worked the rest area dont spend the night he'd worked there 4 months and found two men in the bathroom stalls with there throats split πŸ’€ and two women were saved from a man who had kidnapped them in a van .....once van cooled we got on the road and in our ridiculous choices we drove it to vegas .. air cooled vans and 107 degree weather doesn’t mix...the engine blew up and we were stranded in vegas with no place to crash and running outta dollars ......long story short flew to seattle, bus back to Vancouver #travel #travels #aroundtheworld #globelletravels #worldtravel #globalcitizen #dualcitizenship #happytraveler #desert #california
Happy or Cold? 🌴🐒
1 month ago
I could get used to this; barefoot in the sunsets in pretty dresses β˜€οΈ πŸ’ƒ
28 days ago
Some days are better than others 🌊
27 days ago
🌴🌴 everywhereeee
19 days ago
The nature here is just magical πŸŽ†
22 days ago
Just pretend that none of the swings are broken πŸ‘ŒπŸŒ΄
18 days ago
Time to leave Gili Trawangan tomorrow 🌴
17 days ago
Waterfall βœ”οΈ
14 days ago
Even though I can only see palm trees, I could keep staring at this view forever 🌴🌴
12 days ago
After one month at Bali, coming to Singapore was a huge change!
6 days ago
What if everything was as colorful as Little India πŸ’­
52 minutes ago