¡Viva el color! #16mm 🌸
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Waiting for the train 🚊 🇩🇪
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A re-discovery while moving. #VictorAnimatographCorporation made its first 16 mm camera and movie projector in 1923, the same year Eastman Kodak introduced the Cine-Kodak and Kodascope. Victor advertised through his entire career that he had marketed the first 16mm equipment, the claim was incorrect by several weeks, the Cine-Kodak had been introduced in July, earlier than Victor's August marketing date. Victor's first 16mm camera was a hand-cranked rectangular aluminum box designed with the additional film economy of cranking only #14fps instead of the standard #16fps . #16mm #film #camera #fortheloveoffilm #cinematography
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Pitch Lake, 1997.
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