Mặt tao hề chứ??? #maxeffortdays #176lbs train by 2 anh da đen trym bé @nmunrighthere @quangngluu
1 day ago
Legsday - đã yếu rồi 😑😑 #repmax #176lbs
4 days ago
Pra dar aquele ponta pé na semana!!!! #backsquat com #176lbs 4x10.... #builtbyjoy 💪 #crossosasco #crossfit #crossfitmitra barras e anilhas @kmakerfit #kmaker #crossfiteiros #crossfilters olha ai minha coach @joycrossfit tamo indo
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CONVENTIONAL DEADLIFTS I really like lifting plates off the ground. I admit that, as time goes by, I am more and more attracted to powerlifting. I have already set one of my goals for 2018 which is to get an additional qualification as powerlifting coach and study with GB Powerlifting Federation. So excited!!! • Meanwhile, I have a love-hate relationship with my deadlifts. They are one of the most efficient compound exercises out there but it becomes so frustrating when you don’t progress fast enough. I never understood why patience is a virtue!! 😁 • DL technique: 1️⃣ Stand behind the barbell with your feet hip-width apart. 2️⃣ Lower your hips and grip the bar (keep hands just outside shins) 3️⃣ Embrace your core whilst keeping your back straight, engage your lats and move the weight upright by driving through your legs. 4️⃣ Squeeze your glutes and slightly push your hips forward. 5️⃣ Bend your knees and return to start position. Since I have experienced the good and the bad on my own skin, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts. DO’S ✔️Engage your lats. Practice the movement prior to deadlifting and get very good at lateral pulldown (both overhand and underhand grip). ✔️Always engage your core. You should include core stability exercises into your training routine. ✔️Wear a belt. It will help you embrace your core and keep an upright position. ✔️Work on your posterior chain strength, especially hamstrings and glutes. I love Swiss ball hamstring curls! 👌🏻 • DON’Ts ❌Never round your back. It’s painful even to watch. ❌Don’t hyperextend your back when you reach top position. ❌Don’t return the bar in original position slowly (your back will take unnecessary pressure which you want to avoid). ❌Don’t wear running shoes (midsole foam technology will throw your form out the window). You want to have full contact with the ground to generate maximum force. Flat shoes/barefoot is the way to go. • Good luck loading those plates 💪🏻 #176lbs
6 days ago
"Nunca te rindas en lo que realmente quieres hacer. La persona con grandes sueños es más poderosa." #snatch #80kg #176lbs
7 days ago
Mirrors sometimes tell the truth. I lost my proper form and I had to begin again, but here are the results. #HappyAsF #fitnessmotivation #fitness #gymrat #gym #squat #80Kg #176lbs
8 days ago
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