📷 @ghanaposts Hundreds of people dead and displaced and it's not on your page or the news... go to @mallence page to help out and donate. She will be taking pictures of where your donations are going, check out @nattymusic to help fill the container. #17thsoulja #sierraleone
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The Simpsons are more accurate than #Nostradamus 👨🏾💻 #17thsoulja #BlackIG17th
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😁😍😁😍😁😍 #Repost @17thsoulja5 (@get_repost) ・・・ This video just brings a smile to my face. It's important our babies have positive representations of themselves and other races, ethnicities and cultures in the books that they read and the films that they watch. I remember at five-years-old wondering why mostly or all white characters were portrayed in animation films. I questioned why figurines of Santa Claus were only white. I wondered why dolls never had hair like mine. I wondered why I was the only one in kindergarten choosing to color in the drawings of people as brown. Subconsciously children are affected by the onslaught of images that do not reflect what they see in the mirror and it alters their perspective on what they consider beautiful in negative ways however positive ways can arise when they start to question, "Why?" as I did as a child. Our babies may not always be exposed to diversity in their own environment but they can be exposed to the beauty of it through the stories they read, lessons taught in school, or the images in magazines and films that they view. It is important that our babies are aware of the beauty of diversity so they can make a stand against those who negate it. It is imperative that our babies of color are aware that the color of their skin is beautiful so they are not negatively affected by those who try to tell them otherwise. #diversityisbeauty ••• *Video by: @burgandyaliyana via @frobabies #17thsoulja
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@Regrann from @17thsoulja5 - Rest in power King 👑 #dickgregory #17thsoulja #BlackIg17th - #regrann
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He said this with a straight face 😐 #Repost @17thsoulja5 (@get_repost) ・・・ Oh the irony 🌚 #17thsoulja #BlackIg17th
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You trolls can stop saying these #whitenationalists were defending themselves! 🐸☕️ #Repost @17thsoulja5 (@get_repost) ・・・ BREAKING: A new video JUST surfaced from Charlottesville clearly proving the Neo-Nazis threw the first punch. Watch the man in the black t-shirt with the long gray hair proclaim "Follow me!" as his band of white supremacists charge the counter-protestors. "Equal Blame?" We think not, Mr. Trump. #17thsoulja #BlackIg17th Bish ran in there like he was Mel Gibson on #braveheart #williamwallace head azz 🤦🏾‍♂️
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・・・ Mannnn Mandela didn't served 27 years in prison for this 🌚 GN 😴 #17thsoulja #BlackIg17th @btvisual What in the unseasoned chicken is this 🤦🏾‍♂️ In recent years, with the onset of social media, it’s been easier to identify and call out these perpetrators. Cultural thieves who take #Blackhair, as well as other aspects of Blackness, and treat it with the same respect a wypipo treat raw chicken: cut it, be unsure as to how it’s seasoned, and then throw it in a large casserole. (I imagine that’s how casserole was invented…a wyite woman didn’t know how to cook all the ingredients separately so she just said phuck it, and threw it all in a bowl then set the oven to 350…or 375…but I digress) Not surprisingly there was a period when wypippo , or anyone else for that matter, just didn’t have time to copy & paste our style so they did what they do best—desperately tried to eliminate #Blackbeauty. During the late 18th century, Black and Creole women in Louisiana were forced to wear #headwraps, or #tignons, because they wore their hair “in such elaborate ways that it attracted the attention of white men.” And when I say ‘forced’ I mean sanctioned, as in the Louisiana government passed laws to effectively regulate Black women’s hair. The “tignon laws” were to not only prevent Black women from getting (unwanted) attention from white men but also to curb white women’s jealousy. At the time, it was customary for white, Spanish, and Creole men to have placées, or openly kept mistresses. And more often than not, they were choosing Black and Creole women to be their mistresses instead of white women. So, let me be clear when I say this: wyite women were jealous that they couldn’t be the side chick.Now, I imagine there were some women who resisted these laws but the overwhelming response was, “LOL. Okay, girl.” #Blackwomen began to wear bright-colored tignons, proceeded to adorn them with jewels and other accessories, and used different styling techniques to wrap their hair. What was meant to signify Black women as inferior and hide their beauty was actually used to enhance it, thanks to the women’s ingenuity.
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😩😩😩JUST PLAIN DUMB... #Repost @17thsoulja5 (@get_repost) ・・・ Press play smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ i'm gonna need you to know where North Korea is before you go all apeshit wanting to kill people (from @moorland_native) #17thsoulja #BlackIG17th
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Credit to @17thsoulja5 The truth has been spoken #17thsoulja #BlackIg17th #Pac #TheVitiligoGangsta
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🗣️The truth has been spoken #17thsoulja #BlackIg17th @louisfarrakhan
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