I was so so sad to hear about the passing of another one of my favorite singers. 💔Dear Vic Damone. I cant even count how many times I’ve listened to his version of An Affair To Rememeber, and had to keep myself from tearing up. RIP Darling. #vicdamone #19282018 #anaffairtoremember #1950s #singer #vocalist
5 days ago
This beautiful face & personality that’s made my life & many others so happy had to wait 90 years to receive her star on the HollyWood walk of fame while Mickey received his in 1978. Even tho her & her husband both made their debut in Steamboat willie 1928. Many other Disney characters ( Donald Duck, tinker bell & Snow White ) have gotten a star before my sister so I’m happy she’s finally getting the true recognition she deserves. Katie Perry & Heidi Klum we’re there to honor her! In the state of California January 22nd is officially Minnie Mouse day 🎉 Congrats to my favorite 🎀Minerva Minnie Mouse 🎀 thanks Walt Disney #minniemouse #waltdisney #steamboatwillie #walkoffame #90years #19282018 #thedivareport
27 days ago