Great Repost from @trevorr10 taken at Woodhall Spa 1940's Festival 2017 #woodhallspa1940weekend #soldier #ww2 #g.i #1940's #1940sweekend #1940s #gi #woodhallspa
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My beautful little kitten loves my outfit hhehe thanks to @baby_strange_vintage for my carmen mirinda hat love u babyyy πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜ #carmenmiranda #kitten #turban #1940s #1940sfashion #vintage #redlipstick #vintagegirl #ilovecats #fourties #40s
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Captain America The First Avenger [Page 3/3]. The one performance I wasn't particularly thrilled by was Hugo Weaving as the maniacal Red Skull. He wasn't bad but at the same time he written to be a generic world domination villain with a vaguely freakish appearance and without a reflection on how devastating and brutal the war was, I didn't feel any real emotional or sense or terror coming from him or Hydra as a whole once they're past zapping people. Director Joe Johnston brings in the same old timey sense of style that made The Rocketeer special 20 years prior and gave this film it's own personality and warm, grandiose treatment as Superman complete with a rousing, classic American hero score by Alan Silvestri that suits Cap. Even if it may not click with most modern viewers or touch on the real war-like atrocities, but I appreciated the effort he did bring him to the big screen and to set him up for future adventures in the literal future. Captain America: The First Avenger is a well done throwback adventure that benefits from Chris Evans performance and makes a fitting prequel to this shared universe. Rating: 7.5 out of 10. #captainamericathefirstavenger #joejohnston #moviereviews #risesreviews #superherofilms #periodpiece #1940s #marvelcomics #marvelcinematicuniverse #captainamerica #chrisevans #hugoweaving #tommyleejones #hayleyatwell #sebastianstan #stanleytucci #2011movies #2010smovies #marvelstudios #paramountpictures
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Saturday's cartoon is the sweet, Doo-wop quartet, 'The Ink Spots'. They were big in the 1930's and 40's and they have awesome songs such as 'Address Unknown'. Check them out! #inkspots #blackandwhitephoto #artliner #drawing #band #doowop #rhymthandblues #1940s #cartoon
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Captain America The First Avenger [Page 2/3]. My other concern for the character was not only the look and representation, but the casting. Chris Evans, who was known for playing another Marvel superhero at the time (Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the two Fantastic Four movies) and a string of largely comedic roles, was not who I expected to see doning the red, white and blue outfit and carrying the shield. In my mind he was still Jake Wyler, the guy who came out of the butt naked and covered in whip cream, in Not Another Teen Movie and even he himself turned down the role multiple times after Marvel kept pursuing him and I'm glad he gave in. This is the most earnest that I've seen Evans and carry this movie completely with a performance that's against his type and showcases the hope, patriotism and fighting spirit Cap is known for without being jingoistic, which is played with in the character's USO tours before jumping into real battles. What separates his Cap from Tony Stark, Thor or Hulk is that he's not driven by ego or a will to inflict harm; this is a legitimate good guy and I was right behind him whether as the weakling he was once or the muscular super soldier he was transformed into. Speaking of the former, the effect used to digitally shrink Evans was amazing if not entirely seamless as evident with his introduction, and the effects artists also did their part with creating the 40s era aesthetic. As for the rest of the cast list, I really enjoyed Stanley Tucci as the kindly Dr. Erksine who is instrumental into helping our hero become the man he is in manner similar to Yinsen from Iron Man, as I did Tommy Lee Jones as the gruff Col. Phillips who doubted yet learn to respect Steve, and Hayley Atwell won me over her portrayal of the tough as nails British officer Peggy Carter. #captainamericathefirstavenger #joejohnston #moviereviews #risesreviews #superherofilms #periodpiece #1940s #marvelcomics #marvelcinematicuniverse #captainamerica #chrisevans #hugoweaving #tommyleejones #hayleyatwell #sebastianstan #stanleytucci #2011movies #2010smovies #marvelstudios #paramountpictures
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This one is for all my Big Guys who enjoy a more rugged look! Vintage Mid 1940s Hirsch-Weis Mfg. Co. White Stag Farm/Hunting/Workwear Jacket w/1939 Union Label in a Wool-Cotton Blend Insulated w/β€œJen-Tel Lite” lining which locks out the cold and breeze, keeping you toasty warm! Button front with 4 external pockets back button sinchers and internal pull-cord sinchers. During the Second World War with a great portion of Woolens going to the War Front, White Stag, like many others, were forced to ration their fabrics. Wool-Cotton Blends and Reprocessed Wool was used during this time. I’m the Early-Mid 1940s (1942-1946) Ad Campaigns were showcasing the new β€œJen-Tel Lite” Insulation they had developed. This jacket is in damn near time traveler never worn condition. New Without Tags is say! That’s neat! Keep in mind this is an outerwear piece, so allowing upwards of 4” to ensure proper fit would be a good idea, but I ain’t here to tell you how to wear your clothes! It’s measures 26.5x2=53” total chest circumference! Measurements Are Taken Laid Flat in Inches: Estimated Size: 48 Shoulder: 21” Chest: 26.5” Waist: 26” Arm Inseam: 19.5” Arm Outseam: 26” Arm Length from Center Back: 37” Length: 34.5” Get the killer deal of $175 SHIPPED FREE CONUS before it hits our online shops! DM to purchase Payment plans available.
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