#Day8 of #100Days The book of the week is #TheOneThing by Gary Keller I’ve seen this book, heard it endorsed, and have had it recommended. This book advocates relentless focus on a single objective. It is also full of eye opener ideas that are immediately actionable in everyday life. Grab a copy and let me know what you think. #1bookaweek #Day8 #100Days #motivation
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Book #7 of the #52booksin52weeks challenge is #SLEEPSMARTER by Shawn Stevenson . My biggest take away is adjusting ATTITUDE towards sleep . Understanding that it’s a necessity , It’s vital for your overall health including cardiovascular health , gut health, brain functioning and vocal health . A tired body means a tired voice . Poor sleep encourages unfriendly gut bacteria to flourish . Research shows that Sleep can actually help lose weight too ( this is great news 😁) Here are top tips 1. Get exposure to sunlight. 6am to 8.30 am is awesome but rest of the day will also help . 2. Get near a window at work and get sunshine . If you’re unfortunately working in a dungeon, take a break, go out get some sun. If that is not possible either , get a LIGHT BOX 3. Avoid sleep kryptonite 90 minutes before bedtime. Computer , TV screen, I pad , cellphone because it kicks out sleep sucking blue light. Tricks your body into thinking it’s time to be AWAKE . 4. READ a book 📖, drink some organic chamomile tea, warm water Epsom salts bath 2 hours before bed, talk to your partner , read stories to the kids, fume up your room with lavender essential oil . Essentially do things that will keep you away from your computer and phone 😁 5. Caffeine curfew- caffeine stimulates the nervous system . It promotes production of adrenaline and cortisol. Both will keep you awake and alert. 6. Pesticides and insecticides ( in your food) , highly processed food, haphazard use of antibiotics don’t help you sleep either 7. Keep the air moving in the room and see if you can block out all light and create a fully darkened atmosphere. This really really helps ( I’ve tried it) 8. Rock some socks if your feet are cold 9. Improve gut health . The gut has 400 times more melatonin ( needed for good quality sleep). 10. Oil Massages also help with sleep ( do some digging into this) @jimkwik @kwiklearning #onebookaweek #1bookeveryweek #1bookaweek #52bookchallenge #52booksin52weeks #52books #onebookaweek #bookreading Challenge
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3rd book of the year. January was comprised of all 600 pages of @timferriss #tribeofmentors But I’m not a #nonfictionpurist. @reevecarney Played the part so well in #pennydreadful Can’t wait to read it! 🤗#1bookaweek @kwiklearning @jimkwik #oscarwilde #thepictureofdoriangray #fictiontime
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Be a Leader: 1. Begin with praise and honest appreciation 2. Call to people's mistakes indirectly 3. Talk about your own mistakes before criticizing 4. Ask questions instead of giving direct orders 5. Let the other person sace face 6. Hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise. • Follow @disciplinology for more inspiring contents. • #disciplinology #disciplinologyreflection #1BookAWeek @jimkwik @kwiklearning #leadersarereaders #readersareleaders #instaread #bookquotes #passionplanner @passionplanner #howtowinfriendsandinfluencepeople #dalecarnegie
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