🕺💃 We heard you, 80s kids! 1980s Dad Hats available NOW in all 80s years at a discounted early bird 🐦 price. Link in bio.
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Let the children lose it Let the children use it Let all the children boogie
2 hours ago
Tantísimos años sin ver a esta #lindura de mujer y #amiga del alma. De las pocas personas que entienden mis loqueras desde ese 1°C de #secundaria en el cual me castigaban (y aislaban) por tanto hablar con ella. Me dió tanto gusto verte y reirnos otra vez. Espero que no pase mucho tiempo antes de vernos otra vez! ...y donde nos fuimos a encontrar! #BigBoy #Michigan #nostalgia #bff #TengoLasAmigasMasGuapas #oldschool #vintage #80skids #MissedYou
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I wanted this SOOOO bad!!! ⠀ Share your memories below👇 Double tap if you ❤️ the 80s! Tag your old skool bff!😀 ⠀ Check out @the1980sgirl (me!) every day! ⠀ 📼📹📺☎️📟📞📼📹📺☎️📟📞 ⠀
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Somethings never change... except that bottle of milk would now be a bottle of tequila. Happy dirty 30 cousin! 🥂 #1991
5 hours ago
1980s Slang and how to decipher! Leave a throwback comment ⤵️💬 Tag an old school friend!💛 ⠀ ↪️Follow: @Awesome80sparty 👣 ↪️Follow: @Awesome80sparty 👣 ⠀ 🎙️️ Don’t forget to hit follow for cool 80s daily memories!❤️
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