On top of the 🌎...... Saying God is good is an understatement. ..Lord Bless my Gift 📝... Glorifying you is the best thing I could do❤️.... Photo taken by one of my church babies💕💕😘 @theyknowmeas_.alex_ #Glory #Godisgood #ontopoftheworld #happy #Love #beautifulday #Glory #iwillbeready #sunnydays #melanin #blackwomen #dope #curlyhair #curlyhairdontcare #ChinaMHorton #dopeness #nostalgia #90skid #smile
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I can't believe it's been a few days since I got my Tamagotchi at my local ToysRus on Monday 💜 . She turned into an adult (two days precisely) not sure when she will be old, but I don't want her tooooo anytime soon! Growing up with Tamagotchi I remember getting a lot of boys and less girls hahahah 🤣 I laugh at now! But now getting this new mini version Tamagotchi I got a girl for the first time and I was thrilled! The concept is still the same as the older version but with a simpler play out such as no icons top or below. The Tamagotchi will let you know what she or he needs and the option will appear. The one thing you will always have access to is the food 🍜 🍬 selection and when it comes to cleaning up the 💩 you only need to click either the left or middle button. It does allow you to discipline with the left button. My Tamagotchi goes to sleep at 10:00pm and wakes up at 9:00am plenty of time for me to rest and wake. When it was a baby it went to bed even earlier at 8:00am and woke at 10:00pm. It does beep 🔊 every 20 or 30 minutes it wants some attention or food but I'm okay with it because I give it food ahead of time so it doesn't really call as often. All in all I love this fun mini version of. Tamagotchi easy to take anywhere without taking any space. I still have my old Tamagotchi (2 of them) safe and put away.
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