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Anything a person chases in life runs away. Lady if you chase after a man he will surely have sex with you and then runs. The fact that your willing to overcompasate to him will make him assume that either your desperate or your willing to sleep with all men right away or both. He will suddenly lost his appreciation for your extra effort. Be a dream girl, don't kill yourself to impress anyone. Your relationship is still new, the bond between you two is also shallow but yet you have rewarded him your best card. Don't be that NICE GIRL who is willing to overcompasate, giving everything to a man you barely knows, without him having to invest much in the so cold relationship. Don't be that dormant woman who gives much for your attention to be noticed. Don't be that woman who goes along with what you thinks your man will like or want because you want to keep that so called relationship at all cost 🙅🙅🙅.Don't give up your life and never chase a man. Don't let that man think that he has 💯💯 hold on you 😏😏🙆🙆.Stand up for yourself when he steps over the lane. Know what you want but don't compromise yourself to get it. Learn to remain cool under pressure. Some of you are giving and giving until your totally finished 😌😌🤔🤔.Know when to pull back ladies. Don't be so dormant, don't say yes always learn to say NO, don't revolve your whole world 🌎 around him. Learnnto play your own rules, be confident, grab your freedom and learn to empower yourself .Take charges, wear your confidence like a make up. #wakeup #arise #attractionrules #dontchase #imlearningtolearn #valueyourself #pride #berare If I ware you I would have chosen to chase after God and money only. #Iwastherealso but when I remembered who I was then the game changed 👑👑👸👸 #we-are-wearing-👑-here-baby #wounds-transformed-me--into-a-warrior #lioness #glowgetter #goaldigger #bittertruth
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#9daysofll Day 9: Favorite Group *cough* A-Rise xD . I Honestly Thought They Were Going To Win, But Later I Grew Onto Muse But Ill Still Treasure This Group For Getting Me Into Love Live xD . IB: @dist.airichxn I realized later it kinda look like her style, and i didnt mean to copy... Song: Victorious Cast- Shut Up and Dance Anime: Love Live
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#Arise girl, the spirit of God is upon you🙌 💅👗💄👠 #ChurchMode
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Sunday Vibes On Point 👌. . . . (swipe left to see todays tools 👈) ARISE is my FAVE blend from #doTERRAs new Yoga Collection. This blend is made of lemon, grapefruit, siberian fir, osmanthus flower, and mellissa. Its aroma is super uplifting making it perfect for those #MorningMeditations. I apply over heart and a drop on the top of my head to help me really connect with my highest self when i take that 10 minutes in the morning. I was lit the fuck up when I drew this card today. So much YES!! When you show up authentically and serve the world with pure love that energy is magnified right back at you. Im seriously loving the benefits of my daily meditation practice and super excited to share these benefits with the world! If you're interested in learning how I started committing to this practice daily let me know. Id be happy to share my secrets. 🕉️ 😊 #ChakraBalancing #VisualizationMeditation #CrownChakraWork #Arise #doTERRA #HighVibeEssentials #HighVibeOils #HighVibeLifestyle #ManifestAndChill #LawOfAttraction #GabbyBernstein #HaveFunWithIt
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Post anniversary service Kingdom Stars Gospel Centre #Arise #Shine #100%Jesus, Lord u are the reason I live
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Listen to your speech! Often times when assessing problems with speech in children and adults, regardless of the presenting problem: delayed speech, cluttered speech, a lisps, weakness in speech, and muteness. The first thing we check is their HEARING! I apply the same process when working with people individually attempting to break through addiction, cancer, major depression and just being flat out tired! I listen to their speech. Awakening moment when you play back a recording of the individuals very own words, their speech. So, now we have to check your HEARING! Hearing and never understanding. Hear and understand. (Matthew) #hearandunderstand #speaklife #whatdoyoubelieve #arise #awaken #seekhisface #god #truth #faith comes by #hearing
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We serve an amazing God! Arise my fair one!! #Arise 2017
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