Innocent Blood (1992): I’ve been wanting to watch a proper version of Innocent Blood for what seems like forever. Thanks to @warnerarchive I finally got what I wanted. A bizarre mix of horror, gangster film, and comedy, Innocent Blood is definitely a weird one but, because of that exact fact, it stands out all the more. We follow a vampire named Marie as she stalks her prey through the streets of Pittsburgh. With her sights set on “Italian,” she goes after a mafia member and then his boss—and this is where things get really interesting. Basically, Marie doesn’t finish the job and the boss returns as a vampire bent on getting revenge and ruling the city with an undead mafia. I mean I was just entertained in writing that sentence! The movie moves back and forth between the boss’s rampage and Marie’s desperate hunt to find him. It takes time to build things up but it all pays off really well so the longer-than-normal runtime (at least for a horror flick) never feels daunting or overlong. The cast is just phenomenal with too many familiar faces to point out here. With #anneparillaud #anthonylapaglia @chazzpalminteri #donrickles #kimcoates #luisguzman @im.angelabassett and #davidproval how could you go wrong? #robertloggia just owns this film, though. He is clearly having the time of his life playing the undead mafia boss as it shows in everything he does on screen! Director #johnlandis does great work here paying tribute to various films (as seen on television screens throughout the movie) and various filmmakers/film personalities like #frankoz @thetomsavini #samraimi #forrestjackerman and #darioargento (Landis seems pleased to have assembled such a cast of contemporaries). The film’s SFX must also be praised as Landis isn’t afraid to have things get bloody as all hell. Marie—and the vampires she creates—tear through people with reckless abandon. A scene involving a vampire exposed to the sun is just jaw dropping and the finale simply nails the look. Parillaud and LaPaglia have strong chemistry and get pretty steamy in a few scenes as well. I very much enjoyed this one and will revisit/show to friends as often as I can! #movie_mattinee @oscarwatchpod @samenightmovie
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🎬 Série noire [Alain Corneau, 1979] 🔎Comment allier 2 personnages féminins extrêmement forts (ceux joués par Myriam Boyer et la toute jeune Marie Trintignant) et un personnage masculin resté dans la mémoire du cinéma français ? Alain Corneau a su le faire. ✒️Tout le monde le sait, Patrick Dewaere n'allait pas bien pendant le tournage. Tout le monde le sait, Alain Corneau a laisser faire, jusqu'à mettre la vie de son acteur en danger. Quand Patrick Dewaere fonce tête baissée face à la vitre d'une voiture, et que la caméra continue de tourner, on se dit qu'on est face à un film unique. Et immanquable. 🎬Nikita [Luc Besson, 1990] 🔎Luc Besson fait partie de ces gens du milieu qui sont aujourd'hui beaucoup trop critiqués pour des raisons de changement de "type de production". Débat qui ne m'intéresse absolument pas. Mais de là à oublier que ses premiers films (au moins jusqu'au "Cinquième Élément", qui est irréprochable) étaient au top, c'est un peu dommage. "Nikita", c'est bien fait, nerveux, drôle, émouvant et sans ce film, on n'aurait pas eu "Léon". Et je ne vis pas dans un monde où "Léon" n'existe pas. 🎬L.627 [Bertrand Tavernier, 1992] 🔎 Attention, années 90 power !!! Des flics avec de tels looks, on n'en fait plus. En revanche, Bertrand Tavernier (que j'ai rencontré et pour qui j'ai le plus profond respect), nous livre un film assez méconnu de sa filmographie. La sobriété de la réalisation rend service à ce long polar (2h20) sans grande ambition mais bien plus enrichissant que certains autre longs-métrages traitant du même sujet. N'est-ce pas Maïwenn ?! (C'est gratuit). #polar #frenchfilm #patrickdewaere #serienoire #bertrandblier #tavernier #nikita #lucbesson #paris #filmphotography #cinephilecommunity #cinephile #filmmaker #filmmaking #videomaking #videomaker #police #policeman #filmography #anneparillaud #poster #affiche #look #maiwenn #code #penal #badass #suspense
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I’ve seen John Landis’ Innocent Blood so many times. Gonna be interesting to see this longer version! #donrickles #warnerarchive #innocentblood #anthonylapaglia #warnerarchives #johnlandis #vampires #anneparillaud #robertloggia #fredswatching Powered by @TagOmatic
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La Femme Nikita 🖤 what an agonizing reality to know you must leave the one you love... . . . #lafemmenikita #anneparillaud #nuance #italy #filme #lafemme
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▽ . 【"NIKITA/ニキータ",1990】 . リュック・ベッソン監督は間違い . . .#nikita #anneparillaud #jeanreno #lucbesson #film #movie
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