1:00 AM when the Milky Way was sitting between Little Tahoma and "Big" Tahoma (aka Mt. Rainier We can promote your photos in our account. Check the instructions in our bio: @astrography_ To also submit Astro Photography use #Astrography_ Photo credits: @t.w.i.l.l.i.a.m.s
17 minutes ago
Northern Kansas! On our way back from Beatrice, Nebraska on August 21st, 2017 (eclipse day!), I noticed an incredible wooden barn off the side of the road. Fortunately, the next day had almost perfect weather conditions to shoot, so away I went. It was a good chance to hang out with a good friend and get to know him, and also teach him some Milky Way photography techniques. It’s amazing that it was actually the first time he’s ever seen the Milky Way before with his very own eyes. These are the sorts of moments I appreciate! Acquisition Details : Canon 6D, Rokinon 24mm f/1.4 at f/2.0, ISO 3200 (background), ISO 6400 (foreground), 8x30 second exposures = 240 seconds for background, 4x30 second exposures = 120 seconds for foreground. Merged in Photoshop using median stacking. Tracked using the iOptron Skytracker (v1) powered by XTPower MP-10000. Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.
2 hours ago
2 hours ago
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