#bernadettepeters zingt het favoriete musicalnummer van @elshoefman . Check it out op onze facebookpagina #belcanto Sint-Niklaas. #musical #sondheim #classic
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💲🎹 I'm named after the hotel 💋🤷🏼 Performing as Lily St Regis from Annie THIS SATURDAY!!! COME SEE ME & @vscheyving & @mytheryman in Open Class with our genius teacher @garyimhoffartistsworkshops !!! Seriously, though this class has changed my life!! #annie #lilystregis #bernadettepeters #easystreet #musicaltheatrela #garyimhoff #openclass #actingclassla #musicaltheatreclassla #musicalartistsworkshop
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"Necesitas saber lo que te hace único y especial, porque sí eres cómo los demás; de qué les sirves?" Bernadette Peters. Actualmente protagonizando Hello, Dolly en el Shubert Theater. #terapiabroadway #motivationmonday #broadway #broadwaylatino #bernadettepeters #hellodolly #inspiration #motivation
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So good to see Bernadette Peters back where she belongs! Truly stunning! #broadway #playbill #musical #musicaltheatre #hellodolly #backwhereibelong #bernadettepeters #newyork #travel
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🇬🇧 [Hello, Dolly!.1969] In the end, Dolly changes her colorful clothes to outfits in lighter tones (pale pink, offwhite), and she shows herself in more romantic style: she wears flowers, bows, pearls, lace, tulle and fluid fabric. The different looks mirror her innermost changes. She won´t live in an eventful and independent way anymore, since she´s now committed to Horace Vandergelder (Walter Matthau). She starts dressing like a traditional 19th century married woman.⠀ ⠀ 🇧🇷 [Alô, Dolly!.1969] No final do filme, Dolly troca as cores mais ousadas de seus vestidos por tons claros (rosa, offwhite), além de incluir elementos mais românticos, como flores, laços, pérolas, rendas, tule e tecidos fluidos e transparentes. A mudança marca a transição do estilo de vida agitado e independente que ela tinha antes de se entender com Horace Vandergelder (Walter Matthau) para a vida de mulher comprometida do século XIX.
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Sondheim Week Day 5: ✨Sundays - disappearing, as we look -✨ ✨”how I long for the old view.”✨ . I’m really into “Beautiful” rn. Sometimes Sunday in the Park with George is so gorgeous and so powerful I can’t stand it. I’m so in love with Sondheim. But “omg lol dot” is me lol. I can’t say anything about Sondheim that isn’t either something along the lines of “spaaaaaazzzzz aaaa it’s so beautiful and complex and cool” or a simplified regurgitation of all the stuff I’ve read about Sondheim that was written by much smarter and more educated people. . “connection”, peppered throughout the show. what does it mean to connect?
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Our new Discount MasterClass with #bernadettepeters teaches important acting techniques - like dancing. {LINK TO VID IN BIO} With @bernadettepeterss and @katiethehutch . #sketchcomedy #deniedfromny #masterclass #acting
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Bernie at the walk of fame.✨ #bernadettepeters
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