Mi primer cover hecha por mi #bipolar de #ozunapr y #brytiago algo q se viene por ahi ⚠️πŸ’₯ #crishjeday #trapeton
2 minutes ago
At times I #struggle with holding grudges. When I'm hurt I can fantasize and replay the scenario over and over again in my head. This usually misses the mark of satisfying my frustration and most often increases my anxiety. So instead of the mind games, I am choosing to remember that I can't always control what others do I can only control my response. So today my response is to let go of my hurts & grudges. Are there things you are carrying that you can let go of? #deepbreath #peaceofmind #mentalhealth #project_happy_movement
11 minutes ago
Ughhh I’ve been so irritated for the past 2 days 😭
18 minutes ago
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