The tractor full of grapes pulled in our yard. In few moments the harvest was going to be turned into juicy nectar. quickly I ran out to ask my father in law for few grapes for my tiny lover (addict) of grapes. He laughed and said to get more because that is the last of it for the season. I returned with a bowl. 😁 There is such a calming effect on my soul to see the seasons go by, each marked by it's work and it's fruits. The chil in the air and the deep yellow of the sun, the dry smell of the red and rich soil, the worries and hopes of all who worked tgese mobrhs in the vineyards...all captured in a tiny ball of grape. Welcome fall be filled with sun and crisp air and warmth so as to allow us to bask in your beauty. #dalmatia#dalmatianvillage #mediterranean #mediterranenvillage #harvest#fall #grapes #bloodandsoil #returntotheland #savethevillages # homesteading #divineprovidence #now #unpluggedlife
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We don't always have precious days to remember or smile for, but what we need to have at all times is STRENGTH. That is what my dear family has always taught me with living examples of life success even when the strongest winds would be blowing against us. Don't sit and cry, nor feel pity. When you don't feel good, you're upset or just have too much to give and say... stay calm and cold minded. Go and pull reps of 102.5 kg beltless late at night so the pain goes away. Always stretch good. And remember there's always a rainbow after a heavy rain. ❀️ - The Sachsen Fairy pulling on a midnight. πŸƒ
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Ovviamente la versione di destra Γ¨ l'originale...quella di sinistra Γ¨ la mia gemella surreale. Non sono fatta per le serate, per la gonna e i tacchi. Sono fatta di resina e terra...di bosco e di muschio. #farmers #nature #farminglife #countrylife #mountains #intothewild #me #instame #cool #face #selfiefordays #consciousness #womanhood #bloodandsoil #ig_lombardia #igerslombardia #ig_italia #igersitalia #instagraphers #Instagram #igdaily #varese
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✳️ Metaphysics of the Sexes ✳️ - 2/3 ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ In Kali Yuga the male and female principles appear in degenerate forms and also do not always manifest themselves properly. In fact, Evola said that "cases of complete sexual development are not easily found: almost every man bears some traces of femininity, and every woman possesses some residue of masculinity. The typical traits of the feminine spirit can be found in man as well as in woman, particularly in regressive phases of a civilization. In addition, these "manifest themselves differently depending on the race and the type of civilization". Evola maintained that men and women are composed of three parts: 1. the external individual (the personality). 2. the level of the deep being, the seat of the principium individuationis. This is the true "face" of a person as opposed to the mask of the ego. 3. the level of elemental forces that are "superior and prior to individuation, but which act as the ultimate seat of the individual." It is on the third level, that of the elemental forces, in which sexual attraction is awakened. So it is that the elemental forces that comprise the absolute man or woman are located. Evola believed that the greatest reason for the weakness of the modern man is due to the fact that he is, in most cases, dependent on the external individual, losing its transcendental nature. Evola believed that the superior men and women would be those who get rid of the mask of the ego and found their divine in their individual principle, leaving matter aside and attaining its Atman.
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In the next posts I will talk about Julius Evola, it will be divided into three parts and will contain the Traditional metaphysical vision of the sexes. ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ ✳️ Metaphysics of the Sexes ✳️ - 1/3 According to Traditional doctrines, the sexes were metaphysical forces before they manifested themselves in the physical world. Absolute man and woman existed since the beginning of time, when the Universal One was divided into a Dyad, which then gave birth to the rest of creation. In most of the traditions of the Sanātana Dharma the God Shiva is the masculine principle and is identified with the pure spirit and the eternal; already the Goddess Shakti is the feminine principle and is identified with the change and the matter. Similarly, Aristotle associated the masculine principle with Form and the feminine with Matter. According to Evola, Form means "the power that determines and awakens the principle of action, of development" while Matter means "the substance or power which, being devoid of Form in itself, can assume any Form, and which in itself is not nothing but can become everything when it is awakened and fertilized." The masculine principle is associated with truth, light, the Sun, virility, activity, and stability. It is sometimes associated with the Universal One that existed before the Dyad. The feminine principle is associated with malice, mutability, Moon, Earth, darkness, humidity, passivity and dependence on another. In the Far East tradition, the Yang (the male principle) is associated with the sky, while the Yin (the female principle) is associated with the earth. Thus, Form and Matter combined to create the manifested universe. And from the relationship between Shiva and Shakti that the world emerges.
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Love your soil, learn your forests and appreciate their fruits. In the past weeks I have tried to educate myself on my new local area's fungi. So far I am sticking with the most common ones here those being: chanterelles, funnel chanterelles, brittlegills, milkcaps (woolly milkcaps, pickle milkcaps and rufous) and some boletus variety. A skill not everyone masters, hence of great value, slightly fading away with the comodity of packed food from the store. If you care about your beloved ones, learn how to feed them from the fruits of nature. Nourish them from the soil under your feet. πŸƒ Be appreciated of those still able to pass this skill and teach it to your children with great love. - The Sachsen Fairy πŸƒ
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Some women love jewelry, this one loves #wildfoods harvested with heart and care. We share a rig and my other half has been out hunting the last few weekends leaving me stranded, though excitedly still busy setting up the studio. My man is always coming through for me though, this time bringing me much needed elderberries for winter medicine. We'd been talking about how we were out and needed a new batch for this year! This ancestral medicine grows in my ancient homelands and here in the emergent Cascadian life-place as well. The meditative task of clearing each little berry from stem removes notions of time and place as the bloodwisdom pulses. There are two primary ways that folks make elder medicine. One is with honey as syrup, the other with alcohol as tincture. I was taught that elderberry syrup is best for taking consistently and preventatively throughout the cold and flu season, while the tincture is best used at the first moment one is questioning if they are coming down with something. My experiments have confirmed tincture much more effective at the onset of illness, so that is what we prefer to minimize our needs of this precious medicine. We tend to make a little extra too to gift to loved ones as needed. I use 100 proof vodka as I was taught others are inferior when it comes to elder, and I trust the old crone knows her secrets these days. With this medicine, we rarely come down with cold or flu. We both once went years without illness by allying with elder tincture at just the right moments. I will agitate this jar often and let the berries soak for at least 60 days for best extraction. So grateful to this Place for always providing, and so grateful to @volcanicbreath for knowing the way to my heart ❀️
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