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When Kristen and Robin come to SoCal (and leave @joeybootz5 behind) we go to Javier’s in Crystal Cove and throw up gang signs for all the poor people ✌️🤙
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When you fuck up your kick because for some reason you can only kick high and not low😂 I kicked his elbow and it hurt me more than it hurt him but that’s why we practice! #dramatic #highkick #boxing #practicemakesprogress #workingoutisfun #kickboxinggirl
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Im no way on his level as a competitor but you cant teach size or youth. I can be out worked by someone 24 years old being 30. Cut Rigo some slack being 37 fighting a 29 year old being smaller shit is different. #boxing #mma #gym #motivation #height
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How bad do you want it? Wishing @conorbennofficial good luck for his fight tonight. #ConfidenceUnleashed #BeMoreHuman
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