Wanneer dit somer is en daar is nog ure voor die son ondergaan #buildthewall 🀣🀣
1 hour ago
Still think trump is racist? These r Mexicans that support trump. see how they r LEGAL Mexicans! They came in, got registered, and became US citizens the way they were supposed to. They can come here I’m totally fine with that, but when they come illegally and kill people and get no consequence then I get just a little pissed of at the illegals. But once the wall is finished we don’t gotta worry about that no more! #buildthewall @realdonaldtrump
2 hours ago
Major #RedPill incoming. So the Democrats just successfully defrauded the Alabama election and destroyed the proof in the last minutes without anyone noticing. What good is a recount now? I sure hope I'm wrong, but it looks like the reports are just starting to come out slowly. #TheStorm #FollowTheWhiteRabbit
3 hours ago
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