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Mailday!! Akrum Wadley Jersey bought to wear, 2017 C.J. Beathard Cyan Prizm Printing Plate 1/1 but 1 of 4 actual Printing Plates, & A C.J. Auto redemption Panini finally sent me after A long wait. #GoHawks #KinnickStadium #IowaEdge #FightForIowa #UntillTheGameIsWon #CJBeatHard #KirksDawgs #HappyFeet #Wadley #BlackGold #Mailday #TheHawkeyeState #IowaHawkeyes #IowaCity
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Shout out to @heavyhittercards for these cards! 2017 Contenders Optic: 🔹George Kittle - Prizm Auto 🔹2x C.J. Beathard - Auto Redemptions #panini #contendersoptic #cjbeathard #georgekittle #iowahawkeyes #autograph #rookiecard #sanfrancisco49ers #nfl #whodoyoucollect
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My Free Agency Signing Grades (including both pre-league year and start of)----------------------Richard Sherman: A+ Contract: 3yr/39 Million An All-Pro caliber cornerback, signed to a 75% incentive based contract? Umm, yeah. This could easily be the best NFL Free Agent signing of 2018. He's got plenty of juice left and I don't think that anyone can deny the steal that this is. Weston Richburg: B Contract: 5yr/47.5 Million This could also be a really good move. Richburg is a top 10 center in this league and he also has the ability to produce solid play at guard. The only problem with this move is Weston's injury history. But, it could just be a phase. If he can stay on the field, we might've gotten a Pro-Bowl worthy center on our hands. Man we finally got an upgrade at center y'all! Jerrick McKinnon: B- Contract: 4yr/30 Million Nothing against Jet. He's young, is a perfect scheme fit, and has a very high ceiling. My problem is the contract. We're paying a rb, who has been a #2 back for his entire career, the 4th highest positional salary in the league. I would gladly, and hopefully, go back on this and give it an A. But for right now, we have given a unproven back an expensive contract, and until he proves that he can hold down that #1 spot for us, this will remain a B-. Jerry Attaochu: A Contract: 1 yr/5 Million This guy is seriously talented and he's only been with one team. Y'all are forgetting that Jerry was a 2nd round pick for a reason. The potential is big here, and just because he's had a slow career start doesn't mean that he can't skyrocket. Just look at Demarcus Lawrence. He finally reached his potential in his 4th year. Jerry was on the incumbent Chargers for 4 years, and I can't wait to see what he does with an actually progressive franchise. Low risk, extremely high reward scenario. Who's your favorite free agent signing? 🤘💛❤️
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C.J. Beathard Signed Panini Rewards 8x10 #Ed 4/5. I was stoked to find this gem on Ebay for A great deal, Because they sold out on Panini Rewards before I had A chance to buy the points. #GoHawks #KinnickStadium #Iowaedge #FightForIowa #UntillTheGameIsWon #CJBeatHard #PlayingOnSundays #KirksDawgs #DraftTicket #Autographs #MyPassion #BlackGold
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C.J Beathard rc pen pal auto #nfl #sanfrancisco #49ers #cjbeathard #penpal #qb #elite
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