Bad lose but raises our draft stock 🐻⬇️ #calvinridley #beardown #inmitchwetrust #eddieforprobowl
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Josh Jobe, the No. 117-ranked prospect in the class of 2018, flipped from Miami to Alabama on Saturday while on an official visit in Tuscaloosa, impacting a pair of top-10 recruiting classes. _ #AlabamaFootball #Alabama #RollTide #BleedCrimson #BryantDenny #NickSaban #JalenHurts #JeremyPruitt #CalvinRidley #BryantDennyStadium #CrimsonAndWhite #CollegeFootballPlayoffs #NCAA
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It's fine playoff chances are gone so it don't matter but we BETTER beat the Brown's #higherdraftpick #calvinridley
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Projected round 1 pick for the Chicago bears by Todd Mcshay. I've read by multiple articles he may come to us. I would love the pick for the offense. Still need another pass rush and DB help as well. #CalvinRidley #Chicagobears #2018NFLDraft
4 days ago
Hell yea they should try to draft Ridley he is a monster with a good quarterback behind him @bears_addict #bama #dabears #CalvinRidley
5 days ago
Here are my top 3 prospects that I would like to see in Dallas •First is the LB from Georgia Roquan Smith, Smith is a great talent and I think he would be a great fit in Dallas he could help us tremendously at LB and I think it would be a great pick• •Next is the WR from Alabama Calvin Ridley, Ridley is a great WR and I think if he’s available when the cowboys are on the clock he should definitely be a consideration he would add some explosiveness at receiver, something that we have lacked this season and I think he would be a tremendous pick• •Last is the defensive lineman from LSU Arden Key, Key is a very good pass rusher and I think he could take this defensive line to another level especially if we re-sign D-Law Key is explosive of the edge and is pretty quick and could strike fear into opposing quarterbacks I think he would be a great pick for the cowboys• Let me know what you guys think in the comments. • • • • #georgiabulldogs #alabamacrimsontide #lsutigers #roquansmith #calvinridley #ardenkey #dallascowboys #nfldraft #prospects #ncaa #collegefootball #firstround #jerryjones #cowboysnation
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New Generation!! & Next Chicago Bear from CrimsonTide? #chicagobears #mitchtrubisky #jordanhoward #tarikcohen #adamshaheen #calvinridley #nfl #nfldraft2018
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2018 NFL DRAFT SCOUTING REPORT: CALVIN RIDLEY, WR ALABAMA, 6'1, 190 pounds: Ridley is an explosive and fluid athlete. Smooth getting in and out of his breaks. Good ability of getting separation. Similar to Dez Bryant when getting those dirty yards after a reception. Has ability to play inside and out on the NFL level. RIDLEY'S FIT WITH THE COWBOYS: First off, Calvin Ridley is the number one Wide Receiver in this draft class, and will be very likely to be off the board when the Cowboys select, but isn't it fun to dream? Ridley would be a GREAT fit with this Dallas offense, and would look GREAT with a star on his helmet. Other than Zeke and sometimes Dez, and Cole Beasley, there is nothing on this Cowboys offense that will really put FEAR in an opposing defenses hearts. With a receiver like Ridley, who is capable to make BIG plays lining up anywhere on a football feild would draw more defenses attention to him, allowing Dez to get out of the double coverage teams give him. Cole Beasley to be more of that reliable receiver for Dak we've seen in the 2016 season. Ridley would be that guy that can take the top off of a defense at any time. Ridley is what the Cowboys need, what would be a GREATER option than TWill. REMINDS ME OF: A better version of Stefon Diggs of the Vikings.
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3rd straight year we’ll see this game. The previous two games were classics & I believe the next one on January 1st will be no different! 🔥 _ #AlabamaFootball #Alabama #RollTide #BleedCrimson #BryantDenny #NickSaban #JalenHurts #JeremyPruitt #CalvinRidley #BryantDennyStadium #CrimsonAndWhite #CollegeFootballPlayoffs #NCAA
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