#Repost @bodyaction.oficial with @repostapp ・・・ Galão de 2,2L - Vermelho ou preto? #bodyaction #eusoubodyaction #suplemento #bodybuilding #crossfit #exercise #gym #gymtime #justdoit #muscle #strong #treadmill #workout
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The Open is here, ya'll. All the prep. All the work. All the prayers. It all comes together over the next five weeks!! Put on your game face, strap up your shoes and tighten your wrist wraps because Friday Night Lights at CFEC kicks off THIS FRIDAY!! Doors open at 5pm sharp, we'll be handing out the awesome CFEC Open Competitor tees alongside this week's special guests Athleta and Koenig Family Chiropractic and Therapeutic Rehabilitation, and something new this year: the first heat will kick off at 5:30 with Coach Kelly's advanced KidFit class tackling #18point1 !! Bring your gear, bring your snacks, bring your beverages and get ready for Friday Night Lights at CFEC!! #CFEC #InTheOpen #18point1 #CrossFit
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Today's work: Warmup row (dart game, stay under 2 min/500 m split time), Maximus warmup, then Bench Press / Deadlifts @ 185lbs 10/1 to 1/10 ladder. Then stretching and mobility work. (Was supposed to do a 90 min hike, but had to work.....) #maximusbody #PolarOH1
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FIX YOUR TIGHT FOREARMS . Wrist mobility is an often overlooked but very important thing to have. And many of you are going to find that you are restricted here. . The wrist flexors are responsible for not only flexion of the wrist and fingers, but ✊ grip as well. If you lack wrist mobility, you may find the following things difficult... . 🔸Getting into a front rack position 🔸Handstand work 🔸Long times typing at a keyboard 🔸Back squatting, especially low bar If you spend any amount of time 🏋️ picking up heavy things and putting them down, you need to show your wrists and forearms some TLC. Same goes for if you work manual labor, you type at a computer, or you are a 💆 therapist doing bodywork all day. . Run through this simple test right now. 👉 Is your mobility ideal, pretty good like @quaddoc's, or do you need to put in some work like @jam5series. Comment below and then get to work on fixing it! . 🎵 - RUSS - Look . #Prehab101 . #wristpain #elbowpain #yoga #yogi #calisthenics #crossfit #handstand #handstands #powerlifting #deadlift #acro #acroyoga
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7 hours on set for coaches corner still got this workout in with @themoroccanking_ 💪 3x10 deficit push ups 15/10/8/6 dumbbell incline press 3x20 flys superset with barbell bench Shoulder/bicep accessory work . Who crushed the gym today ? 🐻
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Heavy #squat doubles in the new gym.
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