The power of a smile can go a long way. It can change someone’s day, give them hope, joy, and even affect the way they treat other people. Remember to smile often, otherwise you’ll get stuck with a stank face 👹 . . Dope interview with my Brotha @schyleroneal last night.
32 minutes ago
I didn’t climb this mountain but I could if I wanted to thanks to this @alphaindustries jacket🧗🏽‍♂️ #worldsmostinterestingrockclimbingdj #intheory #parka #mensfashion #flyerthanyouraverage #alphamission #myalphagear #DaCapoOhYesHeDid!! 📷: @jtzsport
8 days ago
ON like a light switch 💡 #DaCapoOhYesHeDid!! 📷: @jtzsport
10 days ago
NO this is not photoshopped. This is the REAL $50k Paribas Baccarat trophy. YES I am thinking about you know what... 💭🍩 but that’s neither here nor there. Just bring me some DONUTS and I’ll get you in. There’s free admission to the tournament today!!! Lol | Oh yeah...Music by me in Stadium 2...Come say hi 👋🏾 #DaCapoOhYesHeDid!! #BNPPO18
18 days ago
This SUNDAY...I’m playing the biggest 90s inspired R&B brunch in all of Los Angeles... The Official @Brunch2Bomb! Event WILL sell out so don’t sleep on buying your tickets! See you there 👊🏾 ・・・ Sunday, February 25 Love & Basketball ❤️ + 🏀 Edition 11am-5pm at @theparlorhw
1 month ago
When the @nba commissioner says your music is amazing, you must be doing something right. BIGGER PICTURE.... Pleasure meeting the leader of an organization that supports freedom of expression & bringing awareness to social injustice! ••• Special thanks to @baby2baby and @nbacares for putting together this great event for the community. #allstarweekend #DaCapoOhYesHeDid!!
1 month ago
Signed, Sealed, Delivered 📦🎾💫 Yours truly providing Stadium Sounds for the Official start of Tennis Season — @BNPParibasOpen 2018 — Music Director/DJ #DaCapoOhYesHeDid!! March 5-18, 2018 #staytuned
2 months ago
When your parents ask for a banger and then suggests the biggest song of 1976 🤷🏽‍♂️• I didn’t have any Jimmy Cliff or John Fogarty that Bill requested but I hit him with that Stevie Wonder “Superstitious” & it was a wrap. #GreatnessSurroundedByGreatness #ESPN #DaCapoOhYesHeDid!! #BillWalton #NBALegend #UCLA #DJLessons
2 months ago
I will never stop. I will never quit. If I do something different, I am just adding to the pie. I will win. I will keep winning. #DaCapoOhYesHeDid!!
3 months ago
Fan Favorite 👉🏾👨🏾👈🏾 | @TheChargerGirls
4 months ago
They: “Wowww Did he really just post donuts on Thanksgiving???” Me: “Wait...You didn’t?” 🤷🏾‍♂️ 🍩 🍩 #HappyThanksgiving | Memphis Mafia - fried dough with banana chunks and cinnamon covered in glaze, drizzled in chocolate & peanut butter with peanuts & chocolate chips on top | “Oh Captain, My Captain” - raised yeast donut with vanilla frosting and Captain Crunch
4 months ago
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