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Water, 3 syn popcorn and Darkest Hour. No Ben and Jerrys or hot chocolate in sight #determind #losingweight #weightloss #datenight #Friyay #DarkestHour #onplan #onplanjan #sw #swuk #swinsta #lowsyn #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworld
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Gary Oldman, in a superb role!! 📽️🎬 #Darkesthour
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So just let me say that if there’s one film you watch this year let it be Darkest Hour, it is without question a masterclass in film making and acting Gary Oldman is untouchable and I say this without an air of hesitation there will be no one in this lifetime who will match him on his portrayal of Churchill the Oscar is won! Perhaps it is ironic that the young actors and wannabe actors find themselves entering into there “darkest hour” as schools strip away the arts and the working class find that the uphill climb becomes steeper and steeper. Oldman seems to be one of a few left from the generation of greats that came from hardships, I can’t see anyone following as the opportunities are being taken away, arts are for those with creative minds and creative minds are for everyone, we can’t give up on the arts! #arts4all #darkesthour #masterclass #inspired #workingclass #british #creativity
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Check out our latest Review on Darkest Hour! Link in comments #darkesthour #garyoldman #film #filmreviews #review #dreamteamproduction #winstonchurchill
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great performance from Gary Oldman. Do you ever go to the movies alone? #darkesthour #shestoodmeup #datefailure #movies #garyoldman #winstonchurchill
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pure bliss on chill climate Weekend trip to pondicherry #darkesthour #garyoldman #joewright #winstonchurchill biography #sathyamcinemaspondicherry
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Let's keep this thing moving. Some really interesting can art on these two competitors. @anchoragebrewing #DarkestHour vs. @tiredhandsbrewing #OnlyVoid . . . . . #Canmadness #canjam #CraftBeer #craftcan #canstagram #cansoncans #instabeerofficial #instabeer #beerporn #beertography #beertime #beerphoto #beerphotography #imperialstout #stout #TiredHandsBrewing #anchoragebrewing
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MOVIE REVIEW DARKEST HOUR 4/5⭐️ Here we have a biography, drama during WWII when Britain had lost faith in there Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, so they appoint a new Prime Minister Winston Churchill (played by Gary Oldman) now it's down to King George VI (played by Ben Mendelsohn) to invite Churchill to become the new PM (in probably one of the most awkward first meetings ever on screen) which Churchill accepts knowing that he has pretty much been given an impossible mission to save Britain from the Nazis taking control of all Europe and then their Island. This film is great and Gary Oldman's performance as Winston Churchill is incredible and well deserved of the golden globe he won for the role and yet again proves why he is one of my all time favourite actor's, knocking back champagne in the early hours of the morning, lunch time and late at night, smoking a cigar in probably 80% of his scenes it's a surprise he could even get out of bed in the morning! Ben Mendelsohn is great again, his character and Churchill have some good scenes with each other where you can tell they dont like each other but they have to try to get along. Stephen Dillane is really good in this as Viscount Halifax the ex rival of Churchill who now works along side him but can never agree with any of his plans to win this war. Kristin Scott Thomas is also great in this as Churchill's wife Clemmie and has some funny scenes where she loses her temper with Churchill but still has scenes of her being a loving wife. Lily James acting is great aswell tho her character felt abit unnecessary in this movie. This film takes place at the same time as last years Dunkirk which makes it interesting to see what happened on the other side of the channel while all the British soldier we're trying to get off that beach and back to home, so if you we're as big of a fan of that as i was you are most probably gonna enjoy this. A warning tho if your not a fan of films where they spend most of the time standing around talking then your probably not gonna like this because thats pretty much 90% of what this movie is. Joe Wright has made a great film here and i highly recommend it.
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The AURA Fest banner is looking sweet! Thanks @retinacollective and @signproplus for printing. #aurafestsav #grapghicdesign #musicfestival #metal #darkesthour #evergreenterrace #buryyourdead
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