Platinum Records Nashville has been ask by Chuck Rhodes to stop moving forward with our efforts to raise money on the last record recordings of Daryle Singletary. Platinum Records efforts were sincerely genuine and we were waiting on things to settle so that we could correctly start a bank account with Holly Singletary before moving forward setting up a fund with, and for her family. We sent a blast to all radio on PlayMPE the day before Chuck Rhodes statement yesterday telling the world of our intentions, that ad listed below in this photo. We announce to all radio on 02/14/18 not to play the unheard recording until we set up a fund with Holly if she wanted to except our gift for her family on receiving 100% of the download funds. We couldn't set up a bank account in her behalf while she was setting up funeral arrangements.. Chuck Rhodes sent me a message yesterday that he never used the word scam that Fox news used the in their article. Now I can understand why President Trump Tweets so much, and fake news. The two last songs that Platinum Records Nashville recorded on Daryle were recorded with a record label budget building tracks with player Jt Corenflos who has been credited with playing on well over 125 number one hit songs and every Luke Bryant single and record. His Music Row stat will never be broken. We built these tracks with Paul Scholten and not demo's as stated In Chucks Rhodes statement, Platinum Records Nashville only record records. Platinum Records Nashville also paid Daryle good money on a Work For Hire with the titles of the songs on the cashed checks, meaning we own these recording that we wanted to donate to his family 100%. The image of Daryle he gave the rights to Platinum Records Nashville to use his likeness to promote him as a artist when we believed in him when no other record label did . And our efforts of this charity truly came from the heart of us wanting to help the family, giving them 100% of the downloads. It's sad when people fight over a charity that doesn't benefit anyone but the family of Daryle Singletary. #foxnews #Darylesingletary #GregHudik #ChuckRhodes
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As happy as he looked at the end of this video, it's nowhere near as happy as he made his friends & fans. Thinking about my ole buddy today and sending prayers to his family #darylesingletary
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#countryboy #countrymusic #countryfan #countrygirl #darylesingletary Forever and Always Chiseled in Stone 😟😟😟
1 day ago
RIP. One of the greatest voices in country music. I know you and Keith are picking' a couple tunes right now just north of here. #darylesingletary #thenote
1 day ago
One of my favorites growing up. One of the best voices to ever grace the genre #Repost @nashvilleuniverse ・・・ We are sad to report the loss of one of the best voices in #CountryMusic #DaryleSingletary #Nashville #Voice #Classic #RIP #DowntownNashville #MusicRow
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Takin it back today!! #darylesingletary
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It is with heavy heart we mark the passing of Daryle Singletary. Self-described as a hardcore country traditionalist, Daryle grew up with gospel music in rural southern Georgia, and he fell in love with classic country music by the time he was a teenager. Daryle always strove to keep the feeling of country authenticity in his music. #restinpeace #inlovingmemory #darylesingletary #countrymusic
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Not many singers can pull off a George Jones song and actually do it justice.... here is one of the few. #darylesingletary #stilldoingtime #oneofthebest #countrymusic #traditional #honkytonk @darylesing
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カツカレーにしたくて、トンカツだけ買って帰ろうとスーパーに寄ると、惣菜は完売していて、コイツが安くなってたのでついつい買ってしまった今夜の #ほり飯 は #肩ロース の #1ポンドステーキ 。 #ガーリックペパーソース をたっぷりとかけて、46歳の若さで逝った #darylesingletary のお通夜です。
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Hoje a trilha sonora é de uma das minhas músicas preferidas, uma recordação dos velhos tempos de cowboy nos States. Uma homenagem a este grande músico que nos deixou esta semana. @darylesing 🙏🏻 #rip #amenkindoflove #darylesingletary
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