A couple of things you have to know to get this one, the main being the Partridge Family bus. I love this song and today seemed right. I was listening to my RandomAF @spotify playlist, heard it and went in. RIP #davidcassidy . Still thinking on my 30 pieces of art/summer show... 🤔🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾 Austin, DC, VA, MD... who’ll ever have me. . . . . . . . . #davidcassidy #dannybonaduce #sharonjones #susandey #thepartridgefamily #comeongethappy #ithinkiloveyou #art #design #lettering #typography #graphicdesign #reubenkincaid
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Song clip of Barry Manilow's no.1 hit I Write the Songs, sung by Francesca Jule: Tribute to Barry Manilow and David Cassidy. My goal is to bring a little of their magic to you! Visit francescajule.com #BarryManilow #DavidCassidy #Tribute #FrancescaJule #venicebeach
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I love this shot of #davidcassidy and #shirleyjones and #jackcassidy arriving at the #Grammys in #1971- and Shirley and David presenting - to #thecarpenters no less
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“The Partridge Family began as a TV show about a singing family but, as the months passed, the show became less and less about the Partridges as a unit and more and more about me, or the character of Keith as you may say. You see, I was the lead singer of this fictional group, which meant I got all the fame and the attention. No one tuned in to see what boy drama Laurie would have or how mischievous Danny was going to be. Audiences tuned in to see me and that made the Partridge Family less of a wholesome, family-centered comedy. I auditioned for the Partridge Family in early 1970 and, almost instantaneously, won the role of “Keith Partridge”. Keith was your average 1970s teenager. He was great with the girls and not so great when it came to logic, responsibility, and school. He, also, had a winning smile and shiny, brown locks of hair. Anyway, filming for the first season began that summer with the rest of the Partridge Family clan coming out like this. Oddly enough, my real-life stepmother Shirley Jones auditioned and wound up playing the role of my on-screen mother, Shirley. Laurie Partridge, the smart and shy older sister, was played by my good friend Susan Dey. Danny Partridge - that mischievous rat - was portrayed by Danny Bonaduce. The youngest kids, Tracy and Chris, were played by Suzanne Crough and Jeremy Golbwaks, for the first season, and Brian Forster, for the following seasons, respectively. Dave Madden played the Partridges’ manager and foil for Danny, Reuben Kincaid. At first, the Partridge Family songs were recorded with a bunch of session musicians. It wasn’t until the management got a hold of my singing voice that they let me sing on the records. That’s why a bunch of the songs on The Partridge Family Songbook, the first-issued album for the group, have a different lead singer. Management wouldn’t go back and let me overdub my vocals because they were already in the TV show. No one else from the Partridge Family recorded on the songs, except occasionally Shirley. It was strict “actors-only” thing for them. {cic}
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Sunday LP selection 1978 #asylumrecords Dance A Little Light-Richie Furay basically you get a Poco reunion along with Richies band @richiefuraymusic @rustyyoungpoco #timothybschmit #chrishillman #alperkins #jimmessina #davidcassidy #buffalospringfield
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Monkey loves #davidcassidy
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Class of ‘05 or ‘75? #highschool #graduationpictures #davidcassidy
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