Never a surprise to see these fellas up front 👊🏻
19 days ago
Blaney and Logano leading the then single file pack in the closing laps of the 500
13 days ago
For anyone who doesn’t know, I’ve been a diehard Nascar (and @jimmiejohnson fan) since I could talk, he’s been my idol and role model throughout my childhood. It was shocking to hear the news that Lowe’s wouldn’t return as a sponsor considering he’s had them on the hood for every single race he’s ever started over the past 17 years. They’ve been the most consistent and loyal sponsor I’ve ever seen in racing, all of Jimmie’s 83 wins and 7 championships were with Lowe’s. It’s sad to see such an era come to an end, but I’ll always always stick with the 48 no matter what’s on the hood. It was a thrill to even be close enough to take this.
6 days ago
To all those people who said I couldn't make it, look at me now, been hitting that grind since 2000, and now we keeping it 💯 with the bois. No regrets except that I'll never be able to see myself perform live 😤👌🔥🔥🔥🔥 Photo Credit: @breanna.eliza #truth #keepingitreal #grind #godsplan #goals #blessed #youwishyouwereme #legend #GOAT #finnawoke #cuteboys #pogo #life #freeiphone #daytona500
55 minutes ago
miller lite, no makeup, and @chaseelliott9 racing 🦉 #hootlife #jacksonville #florida #hooterstv #hootersatthelanding #millerlite #daytona500
1 hour ago
I spoke last night with Ed Pimm for my podcast. Pimm started racing in SCCA after catching the “racing bug” at the Malibu Grand Prix - a dollar/lap amusement for tourists at 21 on his honeymoon. In less than 10 years following he’d race in the #Indy500 and #Daytona500. His story is a great one and shared many things with me. I should have it out next week. What an honor. #edpimm #indycars #racing #nascar
2 hours ago
The Rolex Daytona Cosmograph. Rolex originally had this watch in the running for going to space, when nasa chose the Omega, Rolex ventures this watch into car racing. They first were going to make this watch for Le man, and soon settled with Dayton motor speedway. That is why this is the Rolex Daytona Cosmograph. I would like to thank my life long friend for allowing me to photograph his time piece. #baselworld2018 #basel #rolex #daytona500 #daytona #switzerland #geneva #watches #watchesofinstagram #whitegold #dreamwatchcollection
4 hours ago
READY STOCK DAYTONA 500 GIFT SET Inc 50ml Daytona 500 colonge 100ml Daytona 500 after shave Main Accord Citrus Aromatic Fresh spicy Herbal Warm spicy RM140 Perfect for Daily Use Sesuai dengan Hot Weather macam Malaysia #perfumeoriginal #daytona500
12 hours ago
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