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if you had the chance to #draft your own workout and nutrition plan so you had sole control over the length, flexibility, commitment and intensity — would you take it?? . say goodbye to tight schedules, forget about calorie restricting, get rid of hour long workouts and enjoy the control over your own destiny 🌟 . i am looking for 5 awesome females who are ready to take their journey into their own hands and reach goals you never thought were possible. together, we will draft the perfect workout program and nutrition plan that is geared toward your goals and desires . i will personally coach you through a 3 week challenge where you will be #ontheclock and reaching those goals while also gaining confidence, earning rewards and being constantly recognized for your commitment 🏆 . this private 3 week group will be equipped with jumbo tron highlights, game day and fall inspired recipe ebooks, weekly MVP winners and will end with the CHAMP taking home the trophy . are you ready to fight for the name of the CHAMP and draft your dream workout program and nutrition plan that is based entirely on YOU?? #selectionsunday starts 8/27/17 and there is a seat with your name on it 🏈 . COMMENT your favorite emoji below & i will send you a message with all the deets 🏃🏼‍♀️💩💃🏼🍍
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"Development". You may have noticed, but I like to write as much as I draw. When I write something longer than a poem (a short story that is supposed to have an end, but turns out to be the start of something else) the desire to draw the main characters on paper usually pops up. In the case of Weathermere it was the crest and emblem of the lost Kingdom and two places that had already been mentioned (First Picture). For a final year of university project on spiders I got some coloured pencils and did the shields again (Second Picture). Surprised at the result I made some more, but already the desire was coming to up the level again by having a full coat of arms (Helmet, crest, mantel and supporters). The result is the Third Picture and this and two others were the start of another journey that lead onto the series further down my gallery.
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Fantasy football draft. And this year I have my own team. I see a championship in my future without any deadweight holding me down. #fantasyfootball #draft
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The last two trades of the season! Who won? Who lost?!? 🤷‍♂️👀😨 ————————————————————— Drop a like and a comment below! 👇🎮 ————————————————————— #tropico2ksimleague #nba #basketball #season #sports #sport #ball #ps4 #2k17 #piccollage #freeagents #draft #draftday #simleague #2k #love #tropico #2k18 #playstation #bball #sim #league
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Classic #pinball machines, 80’s #arcade games, #booze galore and #friends 👾🤖🍺🍷👫👭👬 Sounds like the perfect Saturday to us! 📷 @atsuko._.v 👍🏽 #ArcadeMissionControl #MeetatMcFadden #DTSA
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