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; now you don't now you see me ; boaz yakin & edward ricourt thank you guys for 131 followers♡ (someone will probably unfollow) AND i finally remembered to put a watermark on my edits, yeyy! even though school started i will still be able to post & i'll try to not "speed-like" all the edits in my feed q ; favourite sweets? to be tagged: ◼️ or "illusion" .
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Top 10 Favorite Movies: Now You See Me 2 (in top 5) side note: ik I said on my story I'd only post once today since my head hurts but I might just finish this countdown today! Anyway, LOVE this movie in its entirety, the talent that went into it my goodness. I don't know which I love more the first or second. I haven't watched nysm in a long time and now I really wanna bc davey looked so good mmm (him with sunglasses=my death) anyways the plot is so amazing and it's funny with a bunch of good/famous actors. It's way too underrated and everyone should watch it. Also included an edit of dave looking like a snack in the movie just cuz it was too good to leave out ;) ••••• 1st edit cr: @kxngslay_ 2nd edit cr: @wjckedwolf
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Top 10 Movies: Now You See Me (in top 5) I was trying to find an edit of just the first movie but this amazing edit will have to do! Anyway, wanted to post this one before I went to school so all my posts wouldn't be too late. My friend got me to watch nysm last year and omfhjwkw I loved it and its concept and how everything makes sense at the end and wraps up well. I fell in love with Dave Franco and watched it another two times in the matter of a day lol. So if you're looking for an entertaining movie where you're surprised at the end and still want humor, this is definitely the movie to watch. ••••• credit: @fansasylum
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' ✕ not an edit ✕ oou mmk so i just started school so I'll post even less than i didn't b4 😤 , but i finally watched nysm 1&2 yesterday and i'm considering editing it bcc it's one of my favorite movies now i also watch nerve bc i was watching dave franco movies 🤣 , buttttt yeah imma either edit jack wilder or the 4 horsemen idkk yet 🤔 , && i might edit a krett edit (kc + brett) 🎆 , soo yeeah i make a lot of announcements that i end up never doing but i frfr will edit this it'll jus take a while 😂 — tags 🍚 #nowyouseeme #nowyouseeme2 #nysm #nysm2 #kcundercover #krett #kccooper #brettwillis #rossbutler #zendaya #jackwilder #lulamay #danielatlas #merrittmckinney #dylanrhodes #henleyreeves #davefranco #jesseeisenberg #woodyharrelson #markruffalo #islafisher #lizzycaplan #the4horsemen #4horsemen #theeye
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They're so cute😩❤️seriously I love Mark with my whole heart and he's so adorable😭💚 {Today I saw Nysm for 6th time!😂😎} #robertdowneyjr #markruffalo #ironman #tonystark #hulk #brucebanner #marvel #duckling #nowyouseeme #dylanrhodes
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