🌱🍫First time homemade edible arrangements!! Vegan🌱 (besides the skewers with marshmallows) and delicious. Chocolate covered fruit! These made me so happy. Use whatever fruit you like, may change to fit preferenceπŸ˜‹
8 days ago
Happy Birthday to me!!! Thank you @gcode90 you are the best!! Love you! 😘 #spapackage #ediblearrangements
2 hours ago
The only thing better than chocolate covered fruit is chocolate covered fruit with color! Come by our store today for a yummy sample, and immerse yourself in the friendly, warm feeling of springtime! #chocolate #spring #ediblearrangements #delicious #uniquegift #giftbaskets
13 hours ago
My extraordinary boy sent me a gift πŸ’ He wanted to make sure I had something for the in between time. #sothoughtful❀️ #mysonπŸ’™ #alwayslookingout #ediblearrangements
3 hours ago
Mmmm 😍😍 i seriously have the best people in my life!! Feeling so loved!! Thank you @lopeplinski you’re the best!!!! #ilovebirthdays #happybirthdaytome #ediblearrangements
3 hours ago
Good morning and Happy Friday πŸ“πŸŒΉβ€οΈ I hope you are almost done with your chores and ready for the weekend πŸ™ŒπŸ’›Sending you positive vibes 😘
4 hours ago
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