Here is this week's tips from @fplboss ! Enter now to see if you can beat him. - My @fantasytote choices for this week! Imagine if you could have that dream team as your FPL team 😱 hopefully I will keep the momentum as I've won the last 3 weeks 🤑🤞 Do you have any arguments with my team? #fantasypremierleague #fpl #premierleague #football #fantasyfootball #sportsbetting #betting #soccer #fantasysoccer #epl
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GW8 is really bad for me. Hopefully this GW9 can cover the shortage last week. I'm sure many managers are just getting small points last week 😂 . I've racked my brain to try all the possibilities, and here's the result. The front line was really expensive and drained my money. With the limited amount of funds, there must be a sacrifice. . I don't have many good options for Midfielder, so i still comfortable with 4-3-3 formation. I'm sure my Forward is the best choice for this GW. And as long as Lukaku didn't get an injury, he always be my captain 😆 . The only thing that makes me think is Jones. Hopefully Jones can be fit tomorrow and play as started, this is risky but I put hope on him. Really like a bet. Wish me luck 😅😂🔥 . . #FantasyPremierLeague #FPL #PremierLeague #PL #Ready #Gameweek9 #MyTeam #Squad #Team #TheGoldenSnitch #GGMU
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My team is official for Gameweek 8 I did shit last week hope I do well this week #FPL
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As of posting this,there's only abt 2 hrs b4 the deadline cause of the early KO btw West Ham & Brighton So brought in Tarkowski for Rosenior cause I need to start strengthening my defence,don't want to get caught out again by Ben Davies not playing but Tarkowski won't start this wk as it's against City away & with the form tht City are in,not taking this risk(Schindler to is against an on form United but I have to choose one of them to start so this is again a calcluated risk,sry my Man Utd,just feel City will score more this wk......) Really need to get pts back these Gameweek,same for everyone most likely Also hope my decision to captain Lukaku pays off!!!!!! #FPL #Gameweek9
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My @fantasytote choices for this week! Imagine if you could have that dream team as your FPL team 😱 hopefully I will keep the momentum as I've won the last 3 weeks 🤑🤞 Do you have any arguments with my team? #fantasypremierleague #fpl #premierleague #football #fantasyfootball #sportsbetting #betting #soccer #fantasysoccer #epl
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Vamos ver se agiliza os planos. #decea #fpl #planodevoo #voeoverfly #piloto #pilot
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⚠️ Warning #FPL managers , the game week 9 deadline is tonight at 7:00pm GMT #fpltips #fantasyfootball
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TEAM NEWS: @victorwanyama and @eriklamela are still out. Erik is looking like he might be able to make his return next week whil Vic will be seeing a knee specialist soon which doesn’t sound too great. @gknkoudou and @bendavies33 are back in contention too. #COYS #TTID #THFC #TOTTENHAM #SPURS #HOTSPUR #HOTSPURS #SPURSARMY #YIDS #YIDDO #YID #YIDARMY #FOOTBALL #SOCCER #BPL #EPL #FPL #ESPURS #TOGETHERTHFC
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⚠️🚨DEADLINE ALARM!! The #FPL Gameweek 9 starts tonight! here's our #SELECTION ✌️
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FPL: /ˈfan(t)əsē/ . . @rizkykuton @marveldalty @sucibancin @jonyogii watch on YouTUBE .. link in bio . . #fatwafpl #asuhanlosmulés #soccer #football #premierleague #fantasypremierleague #fpl #vlog #vlogger #sony #sonyalpha_id #sonya6000 #alpharianindonesia #alpharian #shotononeplus #filmorago #inshot
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@mdrazlan_xvx punya team untuk week ni , ok let me explain it .⚽️ . . ⚠️ Goalkeeper : De gea legend jangkakan boleh pergi jauh sebab De gea terus-menerus tak dibolosi walaupun bertemu lawan yang kuat , jadi pada pandangan legend , Biarkan De gea beraksi . . . ⚠️ Defender : Walker memang pemilihan yang tepat sebab kita dapat saksikan dia dah beberapa kali assist untuk Man City . Blind mungkin kurang sesuai untuk dimainkan sebab legend tengok Mourinho lebih turunkan jones dan smalling , jadi Blind nak main first e tu mungkin susah . Southampton memiliki pertahanan yang kuat , kalau boleh biarkan Yoshida beraksi subs dengan Matic sebab Matic ni jarang sekali bagi point banyak . . . ⚠️ Midfielder : legend rasa kamu kena transfer sorang player yang tengah on form sekarang ni sebab Fernandinho dan Matic jarang bagi point banyak , cuba transfer player yang harganya murah dan padu 🔥⚽️ . . ⚠️ Striker : Legend setuju kamu letak Morata sebagai captain , Morata main dekat home memang dia perform gila ! Jesus pun okay sebab Man City kalau main dekat home memang padu habis . Okazaki legend risau dia tak main lagi sebab coach baru ni kita takleh nak agak siapa dia nak turunkan nanti . . . ⚠️ Subs : Bab subs ni legend taknak komen banyak , cuma kamu kena tukarkan redmond tu dekat simpanan ke 2 , letak Matip dekat simpanan ke 3 . Matip main away susah nak clean sheet . ⚽️⚽️⚽️ . . Sekian dari legend , yang lain ada nak legend bagi tips untuk fantasy minggu ni ? Transfer deadline dah nak tutup ni , lekaslah kome tukar team kome apa yang patut ⚽️ #LegendBola #fpl
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