“Recuperaremos a mis criaturas antes de que les hagan daño, ahora mismo están en territorio hostil rodeadas de millones de las mas despiadadas criaturas del planeta, los humanos” - Newt Scamander * * Hace un año la magia de la pluma de J. K Rowling volvio a la gran pantalla con el estreno de la primera pelicula de #animalesfantasticosydondeencontrarlos y dentro de un año se estrena la segunda y me muero de la emocion!! * * Yo he de decir que a mi la primera me ENCANTO, hay una reseña/opinion de la pelicula en el blog. * * Vosotros la habeis visto? Os gusto? * * * * "My creature are currently in alien terrain surrounded by millions of the most vicious creatures on the planet... Humans" -Newt Scamander. * * A year ago the magic of J. K Rowling returned to the big screen with the premiere of the first film of #fantasticbeatsandwheretofindthem and next year the second one will come out and I'm dying of emotion! * * I have to say that I COMPLETLY LOVE the first one, there is a review / opinion of the movie on the blog. * * You have seen it? Did you like it? 💼 💼 💼 💼 💼 💼 💼 💼 💼 💼  #bookstagram #bookstagramespaña #bookish #book #books #bookphotography #booknow #fantasticbeasts #fantasticbeastsandwheretofindthem #harrypotter #newtscamander #movie #warnerbros #jkrowling #newyork #hogwarts #ivelmorny #macusa #20s #funko #dumbledore
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Holy Circe! Another year! Merlin's balls and I thought I'd had to wait only a year... Still - who else can't wait? From what I read, we will see Dumbledore, Leta Lestrange, Credence ❤️, ancestors of Death Eaters as well as Newt's brother and some new disease (making the infected change into a creature without the infected's will). And let's not forget about Nicolas Flamel as well as the fact, that we'll ser magical circus! Myself, I honestly can't wait! 💛~Proud Badger~💛 #fantasticbeasts #fantasticbeaststhecrimesofgrindelwald #fantasticbeastsandwheretofindthem
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Sei que muitos não gostam do Grindelwald mas ele parecia com a Ana Maria Braga né? ~ Pontas O novo filme de Fantastic Beasts (Animais Fantásticos) que estreará no próximo ano, já ganhou um título, e se chamará: The Crimes of Grindelwald (Os Crimes de Grindelwald). Mal posso esperar... E vocês? Já estão juntando as moedinhas? Viu no explorar? Siga-nos para não perder nenhuma das novidades Geek! Siga: @geekcitou Tags: #netflix #serie #tumblr #filme #filmes #curiosidades #vocesabia #harrypotter #always #fantasticbeasts #potter #harry #noticias #series #hermione #rony #siriusblack #thecrimesofgrindelwald #harrypotterbrasil #potterhead #grindewald #sonserina #hogwarts #hogsmeade #lufalufa #grifinoria #corvinal #poster #geek #nerd
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Cover love. 💕 I’m so excited for the next installment of this series! Jude Law? Gorgeous! 😆 . . . the week is over buuut tomorrow is my Saturday 😩 one more day of work until I can relax! 😌 #happysaturday y’all! . . . . #fantasticbeasts #love #booklove #bookworm #booklife #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #booksofinstagram #booklovers #united #bookish #saturdaymorning #bookcase #bookblogger
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(Originally posted on my fan account @porpentinaqueen) - I’ve been a fan of HP for eight years now but I didn’t get to see this film until 1st December because I wanted to go with my friend to see it and she was sick until then, but I fell in love with the story and the characters before because of the screenplay and making of books. I immediately felt a connection to Tina Goldstein because I saw so much of her in myself: the older sister, awkward, wanting to do the right thing. When I watched the film for the first time, I felt so happy and full of light for the first time in so long, like there was hope and a future. - Shortly before the film was released, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer; I was so close to her, always had been, so I was devastated. I’ve also suffered from depression, self harm and suicidal thoughts - but watching this film and joining this fandom made me feel happy and hopeful and like things would be better some day. Watching this film became my coping mechanism, and it allowed me to make so many friends in this fandom. Just one day after my 19th birthday (13th January), my Nan told us that her cancer was terminal; she passed away 6th August this year. When we found out it was terminal, I threw myself even more into this fandom, watching the film at the cinemas where it was still playing up until the DVD was released in March. I got to show my nan this beautiful film on DVD before she passed, and I’m so happy I did because I wanted to share something I loved so much with someone I loved so dearly. When she passed away, I used the film again as my coping mechanism, and because of that it will always have a special place in my heart. - Things in this fandom haven’t always been easy, but I’m so glad I’m a part of it. I discovered Alison Sudol’s beautiful music - which helps me sleep and calm my anxiety - and I discovered the work of Katherine Waterston; Katherine has since become my idol as both an aspiring actor and in general. I even sent her a fan letter, though I doubt I’ll ever hear back. I’ve made friends and so much has happened - I’m so thankful. ❤️
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Por el especial de la ganadora, y por el anuncio del cast de la nueva película, acá otra efemérides #potter: El profesor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, (Orden de Merlín - Primera Clase[4], Gran Hechicero, Jefe de Magos del Wizengamot, Jefe Supremo), n. (4 de marzo de 1881 - fl. 30 de junio de 1997) fue profesor de Transformaciones,[5] y más tarde director del Colegio Hogwarts de Magia y Hechicería.[4] También se desempeñó como Jefe Supremo de la Confederación Internacional de Magos - (? - 1995) y como Jefe de Magos del Wizengamot (? - 1997).[4] Era un mago de sangre mestiza, hijo de Percival y Kendra Dumbledore, y hermano mayor de Aberforth y Ariana Dumbledore. [6] Su padre murió en Azkaban cuando Albus era joven,[6] mientras que su madre y su hermana murieron más tarde en diversos accidentes. [7] Sus pérdidas primerizas en gran medida le afectaron, incluso en su muerte, pero a su vez lo hicieron una mejor persona. Albus Dumbledore era considerado como el mago más poderoso de su época. Él era famoso por derrotar a Gellert Grindelwald, descubrir doce usos de la sangre de dragón, y su trabajo en alquimia con Nicolas Flamel. .:: Mr. Wednesday ::. #especial #FantasticBeasts #abooksdream
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Hogy lehet valami ennyire szép? #book #fantasticbeasts #jkrowling (Természetesen mindegyik angol😍)
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Se é errado eu não sei,mas amei muito essa versão sombria das capas 😍😍😍 . . Marque seus amigos potterheads ❾¾ . insta pessoal: @nick.liiimaa . . sigam esses instas maravilhosos: @percyjacksone @hocruxpotterhead @harry.po77er @harry_potterzinho @bemvindo_a_hogwarts @corvinal_brasil @liemeapaixonei @correio_coruja1 . . #potterhead #HP #bruxo #wizard #jkrowling #afeoh #harrypotterforever #harrypotterbr #harrypotterbrasil #hpbr #hpbrasil #hogwarts #animaisfantásticos #fantasticbeasts #ilvermorny #voldemortoriginsoftheheir ❾¾
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