Hello all! I've been teasing this giveaway in my stories, and now it's time for the real deal! Before we get into the details, I want to just say how floored I am to have reached 1.5k! It is surreal to me, and I just want to say thank you for following 💜 There will be 2 prizes! Prize one will include: 💜Two funko pops 💜2 bookmarks from @wethedreamingdesigns 💜1 @tillanddill bookmark Prize two will be a set of two @tillanddill bookmarks (this set is one of my all time favorites!) And a sticker from @wethedreamingdesigns Prize one will be United States only due to shipping, but prize two will be available for both US and international! How to enter: 💜 must be following me! 💜 comment below where you're from (that part is very important! If I don't know where you're from I can't enter you in the drawing), a book recommendation, and tag 3+friends 💜 if you can remember, also please comment why you started following my account! 💜 follow @wethedreamingdesigns and @tillanddill (I will be checking!) For extra entries: 💜 post a picture on your story (+1 entry- can be done once per day until the giveaway ends) 💜 repost on your feed and tag me! (+2 entries) 💜 stay updated with my stories on extra ways earn entries! Fandoms included in the prize are A court of Thorns and Roses, Fantastic beasts, mythological creatures, clasisic literature, and throne of glass. 💜 The fine print: must be a public account No giveaway accounts This giveaway is not in anyway affiliated with Instagram Happy reading! #giveaway #funkopops #tillanddill #wethedreamingdesigns #fantasticbeasts #acourtofthornsandroses #acotar #throneofglass
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I’m so excited to have been the winner of a great giveaway that was hosted by @beautiful.bibliophile and @chaptersindigo back in December. I’ve already re-read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for the #harreadpotter group but am hoping to receive the send illustrated book for my birthday next week to further read along in February. These books will be great to re-immerse into the Wizarding World!
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I really can't wait for #fantasticbeastscrimesofgrindelwald #fantasticbeasts #Repost @pottermore with @get_repost ・・・ Newly released image from Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindelwald give us our first look at new costumes, new settings and new characters. What details can you spot?
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No Mag, Muggle, Witch, or Wizard, you’re sure to look magical in a Fairy Godmom skirt! 🧙🏻‍♀️💫 The Fantastic Beasts New York Ghost Newsprint Skirt is now available in the shop! ⚡️
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this post? highly accurate. 10/10 i made up my mind okay i'm going back to harry potter aesthetics fjsjej see also : this account but every time i change it i lose followers faster anyways since i restarted my acc again its time for a reintroduction basically my names lara, i'm currently 16, straight, and i love hp, writing, and making moodboards. my goal with this acc is to get 10k but like i doubt that'll happen unless i go "viral"..feel free to comment or dm me requests for your favorite characters moodboards! enjoy ♡
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A muito tempo ouvi dizer, que havia uma raça em uma certa galáxia, que prosperava e crescia em uma velocidade sem limites, havia um certo receio, poia outras racas não tinham esses mesmo avanço, algumas até os tinham inveja deles. Essa primeira raça foi feita da mais pura energia, do mia puro mel da árvore da vida. As primeiras criações, foram tão magnificas que o Grande Arquiteto preferiu deixa los em um lugar diferente daquele que Ele vivia. Ele preferiu dar lhes, um lugar só deles, para que crescessem, amassem e fossem felizes. Ele chamou esse lugar de Terra. E suas criações de Humanos. . . . . . #angeln #angeles #angelic #angeli #fantasia #fantasticbeastsandwheretofindthem #fantasticbeasts #fantasticfuckers #fantasticearth #fanfic #fanfics #fanfiction #fanfict #textonphoto #textography
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