Percival the Porg can now cross off pomegranate picking off of his bucket list (last weekend was pumpkins) . What a beautiful Saturday morning @blueridgeorganicfarms So much fun and so many pomegranates. Worth it _____________________ #pomegranate #blueridgepomegranates #blueridgeorganicfarms #porgs #porgs #starwars #funko #funkoadventures
2 days ago
Huge thanks to @originalfunko for sending sending me this little guy even though I don't think I did the thing that you were supposed to do to get him. I honestly didn't know what was coming to me from them. Great little surprise. Funko is honestly a good company despite all the hate most people give them about the exclusives and LE pops, lottos and subscription boxes. They know how to take care of their people. This is the second item I've received from them just because I'm either subscribed to one of their services. It's pretty dang cool if you ask me. And this is my first ever Freddy pop!
19 days ago
21 days ago
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