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He’s literally my spirit animal😂😂😅💞 • • • • Tag list: @kyungsooaaahh @infiresyeah @kpop_621 @_.rafaela_k._ @kay.la_97 @7idiots_bangtan1 @yoonmin_shiteu @alifia_rahman_ @just_bts_army @aesthetics_mx @lomljoon @btspetalcakes @isyalsa @nikola_cach @harriet_wood_ @xxcloudsbxx @siwi.kk @jeonwai @bangtansonyeondaned @innnocentae @btstrash_101 @_bangtan_bts___ @kimtaekookies @bts.officials1 @suga_daddyyy @its._.destiguess_2k18 @mahovska.k
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Awwwwwwwwwwww that’s soooo cute😭😍❤️💞 • • • • Tag list: @kyungsooaaahh @infiresyeah @kpop_621 @_.rafaela_k._ @kay.la_97 @7idiots_bangtan1 @yoonmin_shiteu @alifia_rahman_ @just_bts_army @aesthetics_mx @lomljoon @btspetalcakes @isyalsa @nikola_cach @harriet_wood_ @xxcloudsbxx @siwi.kk @jeonwai @bangtansonyeondaned @innnocentae @btstrash_101 @_bangtan_bts___ @kimtaekookies @bts.officials1 @suga_daddyyy @its._.destiguess_2k18 @mahovska.k
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Tbh his dancing skills don’t get as appreciated as they should😍❤️ • • • • Tag list: @kyungsooaaahh @infiresyeah @kpop_621 @_.rafaela_k._ @kay.la_97 @7idiots_bangtan1 @yoonmin_shiteu @alifia_rahman_ @just_bts_army @aesthetics_mx @lomljoon @btspetalcakes @isyalsa @nikola_cach @harriet_wood_ @xxcloudsbxx @siwi.kk @jeonwai @bangtansonyeondaned @innnocentae @btstrash_101 @_bangtan_bts___ @kimtaekookies @bts.officials1 @suga_daddyyy @its._.destiguess_2k18 @mahovska.k
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Long overdue but I finally found some time to put together the MIN YOONGI NGO BDAY PROJECT. 😅 This time we hit 3 states in India with 3 celebrations for Sugas bday - Bangalore (Angels Orphanage), Kolkata (Swapna Neerh Old Age Home) and Mumbai (Vatsalya Trust). 💜I wanna thank all the donors and the volunteers for everything they did throughout. Thank you for trusting us as always. ❤️Sorry I can't put the full video here. So FULL VIDEO LINK IN BIO. 😊 ILY guys so much for all the support, shout out to my favs @bangtanttrash and @exotown for always staying positive with me. @chitts_jm @_missmandal_ #GeniusYoongiDay #bangtanboys #bangtansonyeondan #btsedits
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Kookie😍(tag you fav kpop group)#bighitbts #geniusyoongiday #jin #V #Rm #jimin #J-hope #suga #jungkook 😍
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I really wanted to talk to Yoongi, I'm even learning Korean #suga #agustd #btsarmy #btssuga #minsuga #minyoongi #GeniusYoongiDay #minsugagenius
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