My Mom. 💙gave the best mama bear hugs 💙she approached each person with compassion and understanding 💙she never had time for judging... she was too busy loving🙌 #mymom #momgoals #imissmymom #istillneedmymom #gonetoosoon #cancersucks
4 minutes ago
Sorry if looking at a babies casket makes you uncomfortable. Heaven knows I never thought I would. Let alone have to imagine my own baby inside of it. But I'm so grateful that @syemmett made us this beautiful custom casket so I didn't have to go shopping for one. Now, I can look at it and see how beautiful it is. #mooserogers
22 minutes ago
Oh family... cant stop crying about this. Im in mourning now. Its so sad. His final days were sad. Ive been feelin emotional & fragile this week and its a global frequency. 'Sudan' was doing his last dance. I hate that he's named. An english language name. So much irony. . . This event unpackages things that torture my soul. The African male in isolation under maximum security. Away from womban and kind. The unnatural depression and life that follows. All the historic axeing down of the motherland. Can it even be recorded at this point? Ma'afa. Im tempted to feel like eye am not equipped with anything to assist afrika. Im barely protected my damnself... but im also not in the business of surrendering. Its a luxury African liberationists can't consider. Im too sad to even feel furious. #gonetoosoon
20 minutes ago
I met you in a photo shoot when you were 17 and we have been friends ever since. I will miss your smile. I will miss your amazing martinis and mostly I will miss my friend. #rip @artgager #heartbroken #friends #funnyguy #shocked #gonetoosoon
36 minutes ago
Kye August Ball May 30, 2000-March 20, 2017. #gonetoosoon #youmattered #bekyesvoice
47 minutes ago
Why? Is this real? These are questions running through my mind. My heart was hurting but then realized that you would hate to see me sitting around crying. So Art, thank you for always making me laugh and smile. I remember when I met you and you were only 17 years old. I will miss your energy and smile. Can’t believe you are gone. 😩#rip #sad #gonetoosoon #friends #missingyou @artgager
55 minutes ago
Happy birthday in heaven Danny Boy! We love and miss you! I know you are celebrating with our Father above. 🎈🎉👼💛🙏@snacks3 #gonetoosoon #cancersucks
1 hour ago
Happy Birthday Chester. Miss you ♥️ #chesterbennington #gonetoosoon #happybirthday #missingyou #linkinpark @chesterbe @talinda320 @linkinpark
1 hour ago
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