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Regrann from @556_productions - Let them clammer for the naive resolution that the world can exist without the sacred right of self defense. In the end, their beliefs will only hold until it’s their own skin in the game #guncontrol #bullshit #pewpew #gun #forever #life #liberty #security #badass #ar15 #556 #9mm #military #merica - #regrann
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Driving home from a good range day like. 📸:@battle.born.burnout
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"I want a dude who still kiss me when he mad, the type to cop me diamonds he can miss me wit those bags" -Nicki Minaj 💎 spent Valentine's Day in jail.. pretty sure the wait was worth it. Hand-polished, 100% custom built. I either made or modified every single one of glocks 34 parts. All internals polished or cerakoted as well. +/- 50 total hours into this.. worth every second.
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